Is Zeco Auriemo The Most Successful Real Estate Dealer In Brazil

Zeco Auriemo is the popular name for Brazilian executive Jose` Auriemo Neto. Zeco Auriemo is the chairman and CEO of JHSF Partipacoes` South America. JHSF Participacoes is a real estate holding company that focuses on the development of commercial and residential properties within Brazil and abroad. It is a family-founded family founded by Fa`bio Auriema and Jose` Roberto Auriemo together with two other partners. Jose’ Auriemo Neto assumed leadership position as the CEO in 2006 after working for the company since 1993.

Jose` Auriemo Neto alias Zeco Auriemo studied business administration in Sao Paulo University and later took an engineering course at the Fundacao Armando University.

Working for the JHSF Participacoes, he has shown his dedication and will to perform over the years. Under his leadership, the company has scaled greater heights and grown immensely. Zeco Auriemo is know for his candid risk taking. For instance he spearheaded the investment on the Parque` Cidade Jardim located in the Marginal Pinheiros region. The complex houses academies, residential buildings, commercial buildings, and more. Many entrepreneurs saw this venture as highly risky but this did not deter him from investing in it. He even traded the shares from the project on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange. His commitment, dedication together with his relationship with investors and stakeholders has played a huge role in up keeping the firm and selling its brand.

Jose` Auriemo Neto believes in leadership by example and related closely with his workers. On his schedule, he will visit the working site of the company at least once a week to ensure standard delivery of services and keep track of the activies happening.

Other projects he has overseen conception at the JHSF Partcipacoes include; building of the residential Condominium Las Predes in Punta Del Este, Uruguay, the 815 fifth avenue building in Nwy York City among others. He also invested 16 million reais in 2015 to become a member of the Fasano hotel chain. There is a Fasano brans hotel housed in the Cidade Jardim Corporate Center, helpful details on


Jason Hope: The Technology Guru

Jason Hope is articulated to support technological advances and, thus, would quickly grab the attention of any advancement in the technology world. For instance, his involvement in the anti-aging campaign was cultivated from the research in the field. Aging in the past has occurred naturally, however, biomedicine research indicates that it would be possible to rejuvenate our bodies from growing old in the future.

Jason Hope believes in creating solutions that promote healthy human life, which he has shown solid solidarity with biotechnology organization. Consequently, Jason Hope contributed about a half million dollars to support the research on anti aging by SENS Research Foundation, which was allocated to building a laboratory in Cambridge and starting of new programs.

The philanthropist articulated that the organization not only will be able to focus their research on anti-aging but also on fighting degenerative diseases as well. In the past, it has been difficult to develop treatments on age-related illness due to experiments on animals. However, if researchers can develop a treatment based on human proteins that cause aging, then this will improve human life tremendously.

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Apart from working on improving human life, Jason Hope is a master in the field of technology such as The Internet of Things (IoT). This is a concept developed on the ability of wireless connection of ordinary things resulting in the operating and coordination through the internet. It is through (IoT) that people can be able to communicate with objects through Bluetooth Beacon Technology.

A beacon can be described as a transmitting device capable of gathering and relaying information. Most lighthouses are so tiny that they come as stickers, which can be attached to any device. The airline industry has shown interest in the technology as it will help ease operations in the sector. It is predicted that airlines will in future rely on IoT and, thus, currently airlines are contributing a percentage of their budget to the technology. This will allow plans to have real-time data from every part of the plane through interconnected networks. It will thus be more comfortable to perform maintenance on the aircraft reducing plane accidents. Besides, IoT helps to monitor essential safety devices such as lifeboats, which help to smoothen the daily life activities.


Wens Edens, the founder of Brightline and his partnership with Virgins group

Wes Edens launched his company Brightline in 2018, and its purpose was to provide railway services in the United States and later expand in other regions. Wens Eden is the co-founder of this company, and he is also the CEO of the Fortress Investment Group.

Currently, Brightline provides its services in Florida, around various places such as Miami, West Palm Beach, and Lauderdale. This company has plans to expand its services to other places such as Tampa and Orlando. Under Wes Edens leadership, Brightline is coming up with strategies intended to begin up construction of a new express service that will connect Las Vegas to Southern California. The construction of this new express service will commence next year, and it will serve millions of people around those areas in a better way. See more information about Wes Edens at

Brightline has taken new move by partnering with Virgin group. It is the most a recognized platform that provides the best brands in travel and hospitality. This partnership will transform Brightline to Virgin Trains USA later in the months. Wes Edens and his executive team will still be managing and operating the Brightline.

Currently, this platform is running in South Florida, but it plans to expand to Tampa and Orlando will commence soon. The partnership with Virgin will boost their efforts and bring massive growth to Virgin Trains USA. The collaboration will also give them access to millions of customers thus giving them the potential to expand their services.

The chairman of Brightline Wes Edens said that Virgin team would give them an effort to reinvent passenger rail services in the US, this will be contributed by vast experience that the Virgin group has in the United Kingdom rail sector. It has an ongoing investment in Virgin Trains. For instance, it has a high-speed passenger rail system, which it has operated for 21 years down the line. This is an excellent opportunity that, will contribute to massive growth to Brightline.

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McDonald’s Decides To Go Green: How This Impacts OSI Group

The major suppliers of food products to McDonald’s must decide how they will respond to the fact that McDonald’s has decided to “go green”. The company is working on a number of environmentally-friendly causes to help bolster its image and make an impact on our planet. Now, leading food supplier like OSI Group must decide what they need to do to keep important clients like this happy.About OSI Group, it has managed to keep McDonald’s around as a big customer of theirs for some time now.

They have had a good relationship with the global food company that manages to feed about one percent of the entire population of the Earth on a daily basis.The thing that OSI Group has to do now is put in more environmentally friend procedures into the way that it delivers its products to McDonald’s to make things work out.The good news for OSI Group is that they have already been working on this kind of thing for some time now. The company founder has been thinking about how to provide products in a way that is better for the environment for many years.

He has encouraged his company to work on any little improvement that it can along the way to make sure it is doing what it can for the business world.We all know that McDonald’s is doing a lot of the environmental work that it is now doing as a way of making itself look good, but that is almost beside the point. The fact that the company cares enough at all to make sure that it is helping the world is a great thing. It doesn’t much matter if there is something in it for McDonald’s as well. As long as they are helping to move us forward that is all that we should really care about. It is a great sign from them that they are doing this and according to OSI Group is helping too.


Randal Nardone is the core founder of fortress investment group. This company’s location is New York in the United States. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He has taken up that responsibility since 2013. 1998 is the time fortress investment group was initiated. He also heads fortress Credit Corporation. Mr. Randal is the president and chairperson of the spring leaf financial holdings. Randal Nardone serves as the secretary and the deputy president at Newcastle investment holdings. He is a J.D holder from University of Boston which is a school of law. He has also acquired bachelors in English and biology from the University of Connecticut. Visit to know more.

Randal Nardone is a board member in the following organizations:

  • Fortress Credit Corporation
  • Springle of financial holdings
  • Fortress investment group
  • Eurocastle investment limited
  • Alea group holdings Bermuda
  • Florida east coast holdings
  • Spring leaf finance
  • Springleafreit

The shareholder of fortress investment group approved the merging of the company with Softbank group. During the special meeting, the shareholders voted and agreed on this proposal. After the closing of the transaction which is to take quite some time, the fortress will operate independently while under Softbank. The leadership of fortress will continue as it was. Randal Nardone is a part of the leadership of the investment group.

Fortress investment group has more than seventy billion dollars assets. it manages assets on behalf of its clients and private investors. Under the leadership of Randal Nardone, fortress investment group leads in the field of portfolio management and asset-based investments. This company is the first private firm to have gone public on the New York stock exchange.

Most of the employees say that they enjoy working at the company. Some it was their first place to work and it was never disappointing. They gained knowledge concerning hedge funds and many other things. There were also experienced people who they learned from. On the side of the interns, the company offers quality training. In case one is ambitious, they are given responsibilities. Other said that the company rewards hard work. This is a motivator towards achieving goals. The company also challenges the workers and this makes them aim higher and aim at producing the best quality of services.



Rocketship Education Helps Make Things Easier for Students

Not all students learn the same way and Rocketship Education understands that. In fact, they know how important it is to create lesson plans that work with each students’ style of learning. It gives them a chance to try things differently and also makes things easier for everyone to do the right way. Rocketship Education uses their experience to come up with lesson plans that can help them tailor the education so each student has lessons made specifically for them. This wouldn’t be possible in a traditional school because of the large class sizes and the way the schools are designed. Instead, it’s only possible in charter schools because they’re smaller and give teachers a chance to truly focus on each of their students so they can help them more. It makes more sense for the schools to do this and Rocketship Education understands the importance of making things easier for everyone.

After Rocketship Education realized they had a good idea, they continued replicating it. They started out in California and began growing. They had many schools in California and that helped them cater to communities while also growing their name. For years, they learned the right way to handle different situations. It also made things easier for them when they wanted to expand. Since they made a name for themselves in California, more people trusted them in other areas. They knew what would happen that would allow them the chance to thrive in different states and even different school districts within states.

The point of doing what they do is so they can serve students who might not have any opportunities for a great education otherwise. Rocketship Education knows how to make things better for students. They give kids a chance to enjoy private education even if their families are unable to afford it. Rocketship Education also makes it easy for students to learn. By using hybrid education combined with a variety of resources that might help them succeed, they know they’re doing things the right way. It helps give them the best experience possible so they can learn.

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Sunday Riley’s Reformation Of The Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser Is Like No Other!

In case you haven’t heard the news; Sunday Riley has reformulated her already amazing Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser! What is different now you ask? Well, along with her amazing team; Sunday has made a brand new formula jam packed with several types of clay (bentonite, white kaolin, and French green), as well as neroli extract, and olive oil ester. If that doesn’t scream gentle, sensitive skin-friendly then I don’t know what does.

All the new ingredients sound amazing but why the reformulation? It turns out, the reformulation was a highly thought about project before it was created. A huge reason is, so all skin types can have the ability to use it. But also, because most of the essential oils were removed from the original formula. So now, neroli is left, it actually enhances the pore-cleansing clay and provides tremendous hydration for the skin.

Sunday Riley also added a new treat to her packaging for the Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser. If you recall, the old packaging was a little powdery, packed in a beige bottle with a pump attached as a dispenser. Now, so much more simple and sleek. The packaging is a brilliant blue package full of the amazing revamped formula we all love. What can be better than this? Well, It’s $10 cheaper than the previous price. Before the upgrade, Ceramic Slip Clay cost $45. Today, it runs for $35 and includes a lot more product than before.

Beside the fact that this product is amazing and now more affordably and higher quality than before, we can definitely respect Sunday Riley (@sundayrileyskincare) for thinking of the sensitive-skin most of us have. When asked what Sunday Riley’s focus was for this new formulation, she said; “When it comes to wellness, taking care of my skin is one of my favorite moments of the day-but taking care of your skin is just one part of self care”.

Whether or not you have or haven’t tried this product, it is definitely worth purchasing again or for the first time. If you are like me and have sensitive skin then you will thank me for this one. It is very gentle on my skin and I have not even experienced any side effects. That I must say is exceptional.

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Hyland’s Homeopathic Tablets for Children

Hyland’s provide oral pain relief tablets for babies experiencing oral discomfort or have swollen gums. Typically, babies use their mouth to experience the world around them. They pick up anything and put it in their mouth, which may cause damage inside the mouth. Therefore, they get upset when there is pain or discomfort in their mouth. Fortunately, Hyland’s has designed a tablet, which works perfectly for soothing sore or any pain in the child’s mouth. The pills dissolve instantaneously making it easier for babies to use.




Hyland’s teething is used as a temporary measure to relieve swelling or soreness of the gums as well as reducing gum sensitivity. The teething remedy contains active ingredients such as Arnica Montana, Calcarea Carbonica, and Chamomilla, which help in soreness and swelling of gums. Coffea Cruda helps in oral pain and irritability while Calcarea Phosphorica assists in oral pain, sensitivity, and swelling gums. All these active ingredients are in the official Homeopathic Pharmacy.




Hyland’s company was founded in 1903 by the standard homeopathic who focused on producing health and wellness products. Manufactured from natural and high-quality ingredients. Families trust Hyland’s brands in offering gentle and safe remedies. For this reasons, Hyland’s is ranked as a leading Homeopathic firm in North America. Some of their brands include products that treat allergies, nausea, colic, indigestion, oral pain relief, and sleeping difficulties. The company does not contain artificial flavors, Belladonna, Benzocaine, parabens, and dyes in their products.




When administering the tablets, Hyland’s recommends that children aged below six months should receive one dissolved tablet after every 15 minutes for four doses. Children aged between 6 months and three years get two dissolved tablets every 15 minutes until relieved. Moreover, they warn parents not to use the pills if their kids have allergies to any product ingredients.


Relieving Pain With Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets

The last thing a mother wants to witness is their baby in pain. When a baby is crying due to pain in their mouth, parents can feel helpless and sad. Luckily there are products on the market that can help relieve oral pain in babies and toddlers. When parents look for items for their children, they want to make sure that it is safe and healthy for their well-being. No parent wants to give the baby things that can potentially harm them. When babies have out pain, parents have to find something that can alleviate that pain and make them comfortable. There is one product that helps babies feel better after dealing with mouth pain – that product is Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets. Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets is made of a gentle formulation that relieves discomfort in the gums and mouth. Hyland’s does not contain any harsh ingredients that can harm the baby. These tablets are free from parabens and artificial ingredients.


When babies go through the process of teething, their mouths, and gums and become very irritated and uncomfortable. Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief product is a homeopathic method to provide relief without the worry of harm to the child.


When babies experience teething, they need to bite anything that can provide comfort. Many parents believe that an all-natural homeopathic approach is the better option. In addition to being free of parabens, this product is also free of dyes, making it one of the most natural items for children everywhere.

Deirdre Works to Bring Change to Healthcare

While working for The Camden Group, Deirdre Baggot knows she can make a difference for all the people she does business with. She also knows she has a lot of experience that could help her make connections with others. As long as she knows what she needs to do and what she can create for others, she has a lot of faith in the industry. The opportunities she has give her a chance to do more and make a better impression on all the people she provides service to. It’s her goal to create a positive experience in the healthcare industry so she has a chance to do things that might allow her to try a different approach to the industry. It’s also the right way for her to make a positive impact on the people she serves through the industry.

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There are times when Deirdre has to make sure she’s giving people positive experiences. If she has the chance to do that, she’ll make more out of the industry options she uses. She’ll also bring a lot of change to the hospital so she can show people what they can get from different situations. Everything she does is important to the industry and an important part of the way things work for others. Thanks to her hard work, more people have a chance to see a positive experience when they’re working in the industry. It’s her goal to keep making things easier for everyone who works with the company.

Even when she worked as a nurse, Deirdre knew she had to make things easier for everyone who was a big part of the company. It was her goal to keep showing people what they needed and to keep making things better for everyone who had a lot of work to do. Deirdre believes she can make a difference for others and for those who are a part of the industry. It’s also a way for the company to continue connecting as long as they have someone who cares about the work they put into the business. For Deirdre Baggot, working that way helps her increase her chances of helping the company. Learn more: