Sawyer Howitt Has A Passion For Racquetball

As a senior at a high school in Portland, Oregon, Sawyer Howitt has developed a number of hobbies and interests. He enjoys attending games played by the Portland Trail Blazers as well as photography, fly fishing in rivers, music, fashion, and healthy eating. However, his first passion is for playing racquetball. He plays this sport at both his high school and the much more challenging Racquetball Club of Portland where the best players in the region face off against each other.

At the beginning of his racquetball career, Sawyer Howitt started off playing boy’s singles for the Lincoln High School racquetball team. He has displayed a keen ability to play the game and has honed his game to a very high level. He now also plays boy’s doubles as well as indoor and outdoor contests.

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As part of his passion for this sport, Sawyer Howitt operates a blog where he regularly posts content about the game, sponsorships, and the gear needed to play.  A recent post of his goes into detail about the difference between Gearbox Gloves and E-Force Gloves and when each type might be superior to the other. He also watches top pro’s of the game in order to learn their strategies and how he can incorporate those into his own game so that he can one day be a top player in the international community of racquetball professionals.

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Sam Tabar Emphasizes On The Need Of Investing For The Future

A Facebook or Instagram search for one Sam Tabar, reveals a man with a glowing life and bright career. You will get useful investment tips from his Facebook and Instagram profiles. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram to get his perspective on the right kind of investments.

Away from his social media presence, Sam is a renown attorney and capital strategist. He runs his operations from New York City. He began as an Associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. Later, he moved to pursue is calling which was in business development and capital strategy.

After holding the position of Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development at SPARX Group Co., Tabar advanced his career by moving to Bank of America Merrill Lynch under the post of Director and Head of Capital Strategy covering the Asia-Pacific Region. He acquired more of his experience in investment and hedge fund management when he joined Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP in the position of Senior Associate.

He recently became the Chief Operations Officer of FullCycle Fund. The post presents him with a new opportunity of overseeing the process of cutting operational costs and ensuring that fuels that are environmentally friendly are used. Read more: Ex-Merrill’s Tabar Joins Schulte Roth to Advise Hedge Funds

These projects explore the use of solid waste to create clean fuel that can be availed for use by people. Municipal Solid Waste is used to create low cost and environmentally friendly fuels for general use.

Sam Tabar is also a private venture capitalist. He is one of the inaugural investors in Tribute and also SheThinx. SheThinx is a company that has re-thought the feminine hygiene to provide more efficient solutions and empowered women across the globe.

Sam Tabar continues to be resourceful as far as consultancy in legal matters is concerned. He is a bonafide member of the New York Bar and continues to practice law as an attorney. He recently got an opportunity to work with a New York garments company called AWearable Apparel as its CFO.

He goes into the books as a seasoned financial services expert and attorney. Sam started got professional training from the Oxford University, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts. He moved to the Columbia Law School to acquire knowledge in laws.

Betsy Devos and Her Fight for Education

Betsy DeVos has already made history happen many times throughout her career as a political figure, businesswoman, and a philanthropist. As an active reformer, Betsy DeVos has already fought for justice, the right to education and led many political committees promoting a better world and solutions for many of American’s social problems. All of her philanthropic work was done without the visioning of profit. She was chairman and participant in many foundations and groups like the multi-company Windquest Group, which she founded with her husband, Dick DeVos, where they had the intention of promoting clean energy usage and investment in technology for a sustainable future. She is also a chairman of the American Federation for Children (AFC), which is a leading advocacy group for schools to fight for their interests, where she is leading a fight against the current educational system and its flaws. Check this article from New York Post.

Her passion for children and the urge in leading the American education to a better ground has brought her to the spotlights many times when promoting the idea of parents being able to raise their kids in private schools with public funding. The idea of fighting for a better education started when she and her husband visited the Potter’s House Christian School. There, they would see kids whose parents were doing everything they could to offer a good education to their kids, with the low income they had. In that time, they both decided they could help fight that cause with their own resources. They’ve been supporting for years now many schools like the Christian school Potter’s House. They decided to help this cause because, as a mother of two kids who were in school as well, she felt that parents should be able to put their kids in schools of fair quality even if they had low income. She has since served in charity foundations that had the desire as well to expand the educational system to another level: The Foundation for Excellence in Education and Kids Hope USA. Betsy and her husband founded the “All Children Matter” with the intention of leading that fight in promoting the famous “school vouchers” with would give more options for schools to kids in all of the United States. Although the fight didn’t succeed in all states, Betsy saw great results especially in Florida, which is now the state with the widest educational choice, as well as great success in Louisiana and Indiana.

In the political side, Betsy Devos has participated in campaigns about reforming the education system since she started serving the Republican National Committee, in 1992. The main reason for her title of philanthropist began when she founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. This is the foundation where she and her husband has had the most influential impact on the fight for a better education. Read more about their foundation at

The Return of George Soros to Main Stream Politics and Its Ramifications

George Soros was reported to have splurged a fortune to fund Democrats in the 1994 US presidential elections. Accurate estimates place this figure at a massive $27M coughed up by the Hungarian-born self-made investor. The generous donations transformed him into one of the most powerful political lobbyists. Soon after that, Soros’ arch enemy, George W. Bush got voted back to the White House and Soros disappeared from the public limelight.

Trump is Like ISIS, Soros Says

A decade later, he reappeared. This time round, he was in full support of his preferred presidential pick and long-time friend, Hillary Clinton. Records show that Mr. Soros went back to his coffers once more and dished out more than $25M to fund Democratic causes and candidates. The active trading maestro was a VIP-invited guest to witness Hillary Clinton accepting the Democratic presidential nomination after hotly contested primaries against Bernie Sanders.

Democrat for Life!

George Soros was however forced cancel his invitation citing pressing business engagements in Europe, according to the official word from his people. Confidantes of the billionaire brushed off all concerns that Soros was distancing himself from Hillary’s campaign. The passionate philanthropist remains steadfast on-board to thwarting efforts of Trump’s ascent to power. George Soros believes Trump to be a fear monger just like the terror group, ISIS.

Michael Vachon, Soros political adviser, is quoted on saying the stakes have never been this high for his boss and the interests he stands for. Trump could very well end up undoing all that Soros has spent a lifetime chasing, and this fact petrifies the billionaire. Wealthy liberal donors like Don Sussman, Fred Eychaner, and Ham Saban also chipped in towards the campaign kitty, but their contributions pale in comparison to the amount given out by Soros, 86.

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Outspending Donald Trump

These activists are banking on outspending Mr. Trump who has fallen out with the elite donor class in his party, the GOP. The financial edge and boost ought to guarantee an incidence-free race to the White House for Hillary Clinton. Here are some of the beneficiaries of the millions from Soros;

  1. Priorities USA Action received $7M
  2. American Bridge 21st Century got $2M
  3. Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC got $5M
  4. The Voting Rights Trust received $5M
  5. America Votes $1M
  6. Senate Majority PAC $1.5M
  7. Planned Parenthood Votes Super PAC $1.5M

About George Soros

The 86-year old holds the 29th position on Forbes wealth list as of 2017. He resides in Katonah, New York with his family. His family fled to London fearing persecution by the German war machine. Here. George got a chance to enroll at the London School of Economics. He pursued a Bachelors of Arts and Science degree before later moving to America. He remains vocal on human rights issues and immigrant policies being one himself.