Jeremy Goldstein Offering His Services Through NY’s newest online portal

Everyone experiences a legal crisis of some kind in their lives, whether its a crime, child custody dispute, personal matter or even a landlord-tenant dispute. We know landlords can be tricky to deal with. Being forced to find the right lawyer can be stressful and very taxing. However, New Yorkers now have a service that will help them find the right lawyer. The New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service just launched a new online service, that is available 24 hours and day stays confidential.


The attorneys offered through this new online portal have been properly vetted and reviewed by The New York State Bar Association. Those who rely on New York laws will not have to worry about being matched with a lawyer who is not in proper legal standing. This new service allows attorneys to provide their services to more people ,while also reducing their prices. The New York State Bar Association developed this service with the help of, a national provider of referral technology.


This new online process is extremely simplified. Those seeking legal advice, fill out a questionnaire that details their issue and where they are located. The form is then reviewed by a panel and then matched with a lawyer within the person’s community or nearby area. The referrals are free, however after 30 minutes of consult with an attorney, there is a $35 fee.


Jeremy Goldstein is one New York attorney who has made his services available through this new online portal. Jeremy Goldstein is the founder and partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. He was previously a partner at Wachtell, Rosen and Lipton law offices. Jeremy Goldstein specializes in executive pay and corporate governance. Jeremy Goldstien writes and speaks frequently on corporate legal issues.


Jeremy Goldstein has been a witness to many of the nation’s largest corporate transactions over the last 30 years. He witnessed the Cingular Wireless Corporation and AT&T Wireless Services merger. Jeremy Goldstein serves on the board of several charities including Make-A-Wish foundation.


He is currently the acting chair of the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section. He has been named a leading executive compensation lawyer. Jeremy Goldstein received his law degree from New York University School of Law and his M.S. from the University of Chicago. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University.


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How Did Roberto Santiago Develop the Manaira Shopping Mall?

When you visit a place like Manaira Shopping Mall in downtown Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil, it’s easy to take having so many dining, shopping and entertainment options for granted. Indeed, most of the residents of this capital city of more than 800,000 know little or nothing about how the mall was developed. Those who are aware know the name of the man behind it: Roberto Santiago. When he was barely 30 years old, Santiago developed and constructed the mall that would eventually become the place to be in Joao Pessoa. In the years since, he’s worked tirelessly to improve upon it more and more.


When he was a young man, Roberto Santiago clearly had a knack for writing. He also happened to love it, so it came as no surprise that as the internet grew, Santiago started his own blog. He has maintained it for many years now and continues to add new entries to this day. Of course, Roberto Santiago isn’t known for being a blogger, really. He still loves writing, but he learned during college that he was more interested in making a name for himself as an entrepreneur. Besides, as a businessman, he’d have the opportunity to bring positive changes to the city that he loved so much.


Roberto Santiago knew that he’d need a strong educational background to succeed in the cutthroat world of business. He started by earning a bachelor’s degree from Pio X Marist College. From there, he attended University Center of Joao Pessoa, or UNIPE, where he earned a degree in business administration. Shortly thereafter, he took a job at Cafe Santa Rosa, which afforded him the opportunity to start saving as much of his earnings as he could. That became truer still when he invested in a cardboard box manufacturing firm and did very well with it.


Ultimately, Roberto Santiago purchased a large plot of prime commercial real estate directly in the heart of downtown Joao Pessoa. Ground broke on the Manaira Shopping Mall in 1987, and it opened its doors in 1989. Roberto Santiago was only 30 years old, but he had already made a name for himself. The mall would evolve into a prime dining, shopping and entertainment destination, with nearly 300 shops and restaurants, an 11-screen movie theater, a fitness center, a vast video game arcade, a food court and a rooftop concert hall that can accommodate up to 10,000 people. Roberto Santiago isn’t even 60 yet, so you can expect to see more from him in the future.


Todd Lubar Is Turning Disused Structures In Baltimore Into Enviable Smart Homes

Smart homes pose a greater future for all of us. Other than the obvious who is enabling us to control our homes with a lot of ease, Smart homes will present new business opportunities for all the entrepreneurs who are keen in harnessing the power of this technology.

Some of the people that will benefit a great deal from the concept of Smart homes include people with disabilities. Before the advent of technologies that made homes more user-friendly to individuals with disabilities, they needed someone who could do everything for them. For instance, instead of having to wheel to the living room to power on the thermostat, one could comfortably turn it on from the comfort of their bed.

Most blue chip companies have thrown their weight and resources into innovations that could make Smart homes an affordable option for most people. One quadriplegic man has had a good experience in his Apple system controlled home. He can carry out mundane tasks such as opening doors, adjusting the house temperature and even rolling down his garage door with a lot of ease. This prospect of letting persons with disabilities get around their spaces without needing someone to help them is fascinating. Smart homes restore dignity to the people who thought disability could stop them from living their life as any other person.

Todd Lubar, one of the most distinguished business leaders, believes that the future of real estate is in Smart homes. With decades’ of experience in this field, Todd Lubar is optimistic that most homes in the future will be Smart homes. Todd Lubar built a career in the construction industry by acquiring disused structures and converting them into smart homes and residential spaces.

Todd has achieved a lot of success owing to the extensive network of customers and real estate developers that he has built. To stay on course, Todd Lubar keeps partners and friends who share the same dreams of creating innovative solutions to the world. At the moment, Mr. Todd Lubar holds the most influential position at TDL Global Ventures. He is the company’s president.

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Bruno Fagali’s Contributions to Law Compliance in Brazil

     Bruno Fagali is a prominent Brazilian lawyer and the founder of FAGALI advocacy. Mr. Fagali is a respected professional who is known for his integrity and professionalism of legal issues. Bruno is proficient in Anti-Corruption and Public Law where he is in charge of administrative contracts, urban law, public civil actions, administrative improbity actions, regulatory law, and expropriation.

Bruno Fagali is also the Corporate Integrity Manager of nova/sb. Nova/sb is a marketing company based in Brazil that conducts promotion campaigns from international organizations and government. Bruno Fagali is in charge of the Corporate Integrity Program of Nova/sb and helps organizations to form an ethics committee. Bruno also started uniform treatment of both members and workers of the firm. Fagali is also in charge of special training particularly on the integrity of employees in various offices.

When Bruno Fagali started his profession, he worked as an intern in several law firms. Additionally, he worked as an attorney in Radi, Calil, and Associados advocacy before establishing his company. Bruno Fagali attained a Law Degree from Pontifical Catholic University. He is also a member of various law associations based in Brazil.

Bruno Fagali is among the rising Brazilian lawyers making revolutionary changes to the nation’s legal system. Fagali is a highly experienced professional with extensive knowledge in Administrative Law which has enabled him to create a good reputation for himself. Since 2006, Bruno has worked with several law firms. Bruno operates Fagali Law where he focuses on public law, compliance, election issues, and anti-corruption among others.

Bruno counsels various companies and people in need of business compliance services law and urban law. It is worth noting that urban law services are beneficial for companies aiming at growth and communities need development assistance. Fagali ensures that he helps clients emerge successful in their plans and that they follow the law accordingly.

Starting a Business

For many young people today, starting a business is a dream. However, starting a new company is difficult to do. This is especially true if you do not have experience running a business.

Getting business advice is vital before you start a company. Sawyer Howitt spends a lot of time helping new business owners get started. He strongly believes that business owners can change the world through the work they do. In the coming years, he wants to continue innovating in his business.

Early Life

When Sawyer Howitt was in school, he knew he did not want to live a typical life. A lot of students graduate with high levels of debt just to get a job they are not passionate about. According to, Sawyer Howitt wanted to skip all of that and get right to starting a business.

Although it was hard in the beginning, Sawyer Howitt has been able to improve his standing business over time. Sawyer Howitt is excited about all of the projects that he is currently working on to help others.

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Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt has a lot of experience starting and running a business in his industry. He is excited about all of the technology that is available today. Not only does this make starting a business much easier, but it makes interacting with customers easier as well.

In the coming years, Sawyer Howitt wants to continue building a great company. He is passionate about his local community, and he wants to impact the world in a positive way.