Todd Lubar Is Turning Disused Structures In Baltimore Into Enviable Smart Homes

Smart homes pose a greater future for all of us. Other than the obvious who is enabling us to control our homes with a lot of ease, Smart homes will present new business opportunities for all the entrepreneurs who are keen in harnessing the power of this technology.

Some of the people that will benefit a great deal from the concept of Smart homes include people with disabilities. Before the advent of technologies that made homes more user-friendly to individuals with disabilities, they needed someone who could do everything for them. For instance, instead of having to wheel to the living room to power on the thermostat, one could comfortably turn it on from the comfort of their bed.

Most blue chip companies have thrown their weight and resources into innovations that could make Smart homes an affordable option for most people. One quadriplegic man has had a good experience in his Apple system controlled home. He can carry out mundane tasks such as opening doors, adjusting the house temperature and even rolling down his garage door with a lot of ease. This prospect of letting persons with disabilities get around their spaces without needing someone to help them is fascinating. Smart homes restore dignity to the people who thought disability could stop them from living their life as any other person.

Todd Lubar, one of the most distinguished business leaders, believes that the future of real estate is in Smart homes. With decades’ of experience in this field, Todd Lubar is optimistic that most homes in the future will be Smart homes. Todd Lubar built a career in the construction industry by acquiring disused structures and converting them into smart homes and residential spaces.

Todd has achieved a lot of success owing to the extensive network of customers and real estate developers that he has built. To stay on course, Todd Lubar keeps partners and friends who share the same dreams of creating innovative solutions to the world. At the moment, Mr. Todd Lubar holds the most influential position at TDL Global Ventures. He is the company’s president.

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