In the quest for human rights and dignity

The following organizations are some of the most visible human, civil and human rights advocates across the globe and the country.

They work hand in hand with the oppressed in society to ensure that the rights of this individual are not violated and they are treated with the dignity they deserve at every level and regardless of the status of their immigration status.

The Frontera fund

The Frontera fund was started in 2013 by the founders of the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. These are journalists by the name Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Facebook

They are journalists who have been very vocal and dedicated to the fight for human rights as well as the right of freedom of free self-expression otherwise known as the first amendment right.

They had constantly been engaged in the pointing out of wrong committed on members of the Hispanic community who in Maricopa County under the stewardship of Sheriff Joe Arpaio had continued to face some of the worst cases of racial profiling leading to them being stopped and searched randomly by the same law enforcement officers who are supposed to protect their rights regardless of race or ethnicity.

The rights violation by Sheriff Joe had reached an exponential level where detainees who at times die in prisons that were under him. Jim and Lacey were always reporting these violations and this reporting is what proved to be the tipping point of the sheriff. He considered what he was doing to be right and thus could not stand media criticism.

He would then go on to arrest the duo in the middle of the night taking them to different holding cells in his jurisdiction. The backlash from this unwarranted arrest was so bad by the time 24hours were coming to a close he had opted to release them and dropped the charges conferred against them.

The duo would not take this blatant violation of their rights and violation of the first amendment right lying down. They sued the sheriff and the county and after a long court battle, it was ruled that in fact there had been a number of violations and in fact, the arrest had been made in an arbitrary manner with no backing of the law whatsoever.

The county was then forced to negotiate a settlement for the same offering to pay a sum of 3.75 million in order to settle the suit. The settlement was used to start the Frontera fund which today serves the community at various levels.

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