Omar Boraie Is Able to Bring a City Back from the Dead

As you look at the United States of America today is seems it has many things in common with France right before the French Revolution. Technology is on the rise, affinity toward religion is at an all-time low, and the rich elite are the target of much hostility and violence. It seems that any day now you will see the normal worker outside a mansion with torches and pitchforks. While many people in the 1% to deserve to face crimes Omar Boraie is not one of them.


Omar Boraie dedicated his life and his real estate company to reviving the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. He has done this by making the community more family oriented, bringing jobs back to the area, and bringing business professionals to the city.


Omar Boraie began several initiatives to make New Brunswick more welcoming to families. While I cannot list all of the things he has done, I will name one in particular. Omar approached the State Theater with a proposal. If they could run the movies and provide space for people to see them, he would flip the entire bill. This began the tradition of summer movie nights where seven different Disney movies were shown and the costs are paid for by Omar Boraie. In the year 2017, 7500 families were able to attend throughout the summer of movies. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Omar Boraie also turned New Brunswick around by keeping jobs in the area. Everyone knows that people are going to follow the work. If you want your city to have people, you are going to need to secure and create jobs. Omar Boraie was able to keep several factories in the area. The major one was Johnson and Johnson. Once this main medical company decided to stay, other corporations followed suit.


Omar Boraie also helped New Brunswick thrive by building a strong team of power players. These powerful people included the current city Mayor, the editor of New Brunswick Tomorrow, the current President of Rutgers University, and the board chair of New Brunswick Development Corporation. Together they ensured that jobs and real estate would remain in the area.


Omar Boraie also ensured that office space in real estate would be available so that middle-class professionals could make a home in New Brunswick. He offered class A office space at competing prices as well as residential condos that appealed to the working class professional. You can search on Yahoo to see more.