Whitney Wolfe Created Multi-faceted App That Explores a Plethora of Opportunities

     There has never been a time where the concept of girl power was so prevalent. In this day and age of Twitter campaigns like the #metoo community and powerful women like Whitney Wolfe that has called her app a feminist dating app it is easy to see how women are feeling empowered.

There are so many opportunities for women to take the lead, and Whitney Wolfe is providing the networking portion of this empowerment with Bumble. Not only is it the feminist dating app, but it is also the platform that is utilized by people that want to connect with a different type of social media app where they’re able to get into networking.

It so much easier for women to connect with other women once they utilize Bumble Bizz. It is great for women that are running small businesses. Newcomers that do not know anything about the business process and what it takes to connect with customers will benefit from an app like Bumble Bizz. It is a defining moment in the dating app industry because it gives people a greater sense of what women can do when they are in roles where they have a support system.

Every woman that reaches out to someone else through the Bumble Bizz app may not necessarily have a business. Sometimes these are simply business-oriented professionals that have a corporate role and they want to connect with others that may have the same. Having a support system is vital for women that are in business. Whitney Wolfe realizes that, and she wants to narrow the gap of women in business with Bumble Bizz.

When there is a support team in place there’s always going to be a higher level of success. Women are much more inclined to believe that they can do something when they have clearly seen someone else doing it. This is what Bumble Bizz represents. It is the app that gives people opportunities to accelerate and their fields because they are eyewitnesses to someone else that is already carrying the torch.

Whitney Wolfe recently married Michael heard, and his knack for business also influenced the way that she expanded her Bumble app. His endeavors in the oil business and restaurant business helped her see that giving her Bumble users a plethora of options would be beneficial. Her husband is multi-faceted and Whitney Wolfe is exploring a multi-faceted app interface.

Sussex Healthcare: A Home Away From Home

Sussex Healthcare was established in 1985.It is an independent company that runs over 20 homes that are located in the southeastern corridor of the United Kingdom. The company offers superb care to seniors and the disabled. Seniors who receive services at Sussex Healthcare have dementia, traumatic injuries, lesions that are harmful to the spine and motor neuron disease. The care that senior residents receive at Sussex is characterized by compassion and the ability to deliver both physical and emotional support.

Sussex Healthcare recently appointed a new Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Amanda Morgan Taylor took a short adjusting period to get acquitted with Sussex Healthcare before starting on her role as CEO. Her first order of business was to restructure the executive branch of the institution. Ms. Morgan-Taylor has brought with her vast library of experience from her days spent working for independent care providers and local authorities. The appointment of Ms. Morgan shows that Sussex Healthcare is determined to improve service delivery henceforth. Ms. Morgan plans to take a tour of the company homes to meet with the residents and other stakeholders. Her integrated approach to quality service are the keystones to the organization’s continuing success.

Sussex Healthcare homes are fully staffed with professional caregivers. Each resident is given personal care according to their needs. The staff at Sussex Healthcare is fully trained with the latest techniques in providing aid to the elderly, the disabled and patients with special needs. With the launch of its new state of the art gym, Sussex Healthcare has optimized its services to the residents. Residents are now able to work out with the help of their trainers, and it has also been heaven for people recovering from physical injuries. The gym also has a pool and hot bathtubs to help with the recovery of sore muscles.

Sussex Healthcare has received various award and accolades for its contribution to the healthcare delivery industry. It won the Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care Award. The facility is recognized as a leading caregiver in palliative care and end-of-life treatment. The Chairman Shiraz Boghani also received Hotelier of the Year Award in 2016.The facilities mission is to provide world-class care to its patients to enable them to live a fulfilling life.

Learn more about Sussex Healthcare: https://www.indeed.co.uk/cmp/Sussex-Health-Care/reviews

Betsy Devos Believes Freedom of Speech is a Good Thing Because “Good Ideas” Will Always Win

In her new role as Education Secretary, Betsy Devos wants to promote democracy throughout the nation. She desires to promote many of the hallmarks that have always made our country great. In that vein, she said that freedom of speech on college campuses will always be an encouraging thing, because in the end “good ideas are always going to win.”


It was during a speaking engagement at the Conservative Political Action Conference that Devos addressed the issue, saying that there has been an alarming rise in censorship on college campuses. Devos felt this was unfortunate and hearkened back to her own college experience. She said she felt very privileged regarding her college days; she told the listeners that it was a time where she could truly “test the waters” and “explore” how she felt about any type of given issue. Devos urged the crowd to fully understand that higher education should be a place where new opinions and ideas are fully explored. The Trump administration is committed to encouraging freedom of speech on college campuses across the country, and Devos noted how she was honored to be on the ground floor of an attempted revitalization of how ideas can and should be presented on college campuses.


Devos has been working in partnership with Attorney General Jeff Sessions in addressing many different disconcerting cases where freedom of speech has been threatened on college campuses. She did not elaborate on certain cases but said it was high on their list of priorities. Conservatives at the conference were quick to realize that it was definitely a privilege to have an ally in such a significant office. That very fact alone means that young conservatives on college campuses everywhere will be bolstered in their attempts to get their points across along with their more liberal classmates.


About Betsy Devos


Betsy Devos is a former Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman who distinguished herself within the GOP early on for being a strong advocate for the charter school movement. She has fought to steer tax dollars away from public schools to charter schools for over 30 years. She has quite an amazing pedigree considering that she, along with her husband Dick, are quite the political power couple. Dick Devos’ father was a co-founder of Amway, and Mr. Devos ran unsuccessfully to become Governor of Michigan in 2006. Despite the setback, they remain active in politics and they are committed to being role models to the next generation of conservatives within the GOP.


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Rodrigo Terpins Rally Racing Career

Racing runs in the Terpins family. 41 year old Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian rally driver who also enjoys racing with his brother Michel Terpins. Rodgrigo Terpin’s brother Michel is 37 and is a member of the Bull Sertões rally team. Prototype T1 races for the Bull Sertões rally team is Rodrigo’s forte. He has gained national recognition for his driving style. Rodrigo Terpins has credited his past races as learning experiences when he was recently questioned by the media. Whether he wins or loses he is able to learn from the race and improve his driving techniques and skills.

Rodrigo grew up in an athletically involved home. His father Jack played Basketball in the 1990’s and he is currently he President of Latin American Jewish Council and Maccabi Latin America Confederation and. His brother Michel shares in his love for rally races. His favorite rally car is the T-Rex from MEM Motorsport and has been a major participant in the Brazilian Cross Country Rally. Rodrigo and Michel formed the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team and together have participated in over five rally events throughout Brazil.

Rodrigo Terpins participated in the twenty second edition of the Sertoes Rally with his partner Fabricio Manchiana. This esteemed race covers areas in two states and stretches 2600 kilometers. Due to the length of this race it is divided into stages and the off road portion of this event has been considered as the largest in Brazil. The excitement of the off road race draws a large spectator crowd and draws the attention of many sponsors. You can visit their website rodrigoterpins.com

While racing is a pivotal point of Rodrigo’s life he also made time for higher education. Rodrigo attended the University of Sail Hilaire and studied business management. He was able to put those skills to use during his sixteen year career at Lojas Marisa where he eventually rose in ranks and earned the title of President. In 2008 he followed his entrepreneurial spirit and founded his own company; T5 Participacoes, which is centered around rally racing.

Heal And Soothe Helps Bring Pain Relief In A Natural Way

     Those who deal with pain on a regular basis may be looking for something that can help with that pain without the use of chemicals that could be dangerous. Heal and Soothe is something that was created using natural ingredients. This product is designed to reduce inflammation and pain. This product may help those who are dealing with sprains and bruises, and it may even give help to those faced with heart issues or cancer. This product is made to help those who are looking for an anti-inflammatory product as well as something that may help them with the pain that they are feeling.

Heal and Soothe is made from ingredients found in nature, including turmeric. Turmeric extract is made from the dry root of the turmeric plant, and it is something that is thought to reduce inflammation and destroy free radicals in the body. Another ingredient in Heal and Soothe is Mojave yucca root. This is an ingredient that not only works as an anti-inflammatory, but it is something that may help the immune system and the digestive system.

Those interested in trying out Heal and Soothe can do that without spending any money on the product. There is a trial available for those who would like to test it out, and that is available for free. Those who would like to purchase the product can do that at a cost of $59 for a bottle. Those who are looking to purchase the product or sign up for a trial can do that through LivingWell Nutraceuticals.

Some might find Heal and Soothe to be of interest to them because it contains a wide variety of ingredients and because each one of those ingredients has a specific job that it is meant to do. Those who are interested in Heal and Soothe over other more traditional products might appreciate the fact that it is made with ingredients from nature and not ingredients that are manmade. This product contains many ingredients that are meant to help the body and to make a person feel good. This product is made up of ingredients that are meant to improve a person’s health rather than just deal with their inflammation and pain.

Read more at https://www.feeltherelief.com/lose-the-back-pain/heal-n-soothe.php.

A Powerful Innovator: Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Game is an entrepreneur from Brazil. He was born in Rio de Janeiro. He received a degree in Advertising and Communication. He has his own advertising agency called “Neogama.”
He has carved a new path in the adverting industry, especially for the Latin community. He started his career at Ogilvy & Mather as a copywriter. He has been gifted many awards for his outstanding efforts. He was the first Brazilian to become a CCO of BBC, which is British-based company.
During the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, Alexandre’s agency won a Golden Lion award. Years earlier in 2008, he became the first Latin-American to present during the Cannes Film Festival located in France.
Alexandre’s contributions to the Latin community, as well as globally, are appreciated and unforgettable amongst many.