Whitney Wolfe Created Multi-faceted App That Explores a Plethora of Opportunities

     There has never been a time where the concept of girl power was so prevalent. In this day and age of Twitter campaigns like the #metoo community and powerful women like Whitney Wolfe that has called her app a feminist dating app it is easy to see how women are feeling empowered.

There are so many opportunities for women to take the lead, and Whitney Wolfe is providing the networking portion of this empowerment with Bumble. Not only is it the feminist dating app, but it is also the platform that is utilized by people that want to connect with a different type of social media app where they’re able to get into networking.

It so much easier for women to connect with other women once they utilize Bumble Bizz. It is great for women that are running small businesses. Newcomers that do not know anything about the business process and what it takes to connect with customers will benefit from an app like Bumble Bizz. It is a defining moment in the dating app industry because it gives people a greater sense of what women can do when they are in roles where they have a support system.

Every woman that reaches out to someone else through the Bumble Bizz app may not necessarily have a business. Sometimes these are simply business-oriented professionals that have a corporate role and they want to connect with others that may have the same. Having a support system is vital for women that are in business. Whitney Wolfe realizes that, and she wants to narrow the gap of women in business with Bumble Bizz.

When there is a support team in place there’s always going to be a higher level of success. Women are much more inclined to believe that they can do something when they have clearly seen someone else doing it. This is what Bumble Bizz represents. It is the app that gives people opportunities to accelerate and their fields because they are eyewitnesses to someone else that is already carrying the torch.

Whitney Wolfe recently married Michael heard, and his knack for business also influenced the way that she expanded her Bumble app. His endeavors in the oil business and restaurant business helped her see that giving her Bumble users a plethora of options would be beneficial. Her husband is multi-faceted and Whitney Wolfe is exploring a multi-faceted app interface.

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