Succesive Seasons of Seacrest — Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest can be called a certified success story. He has gone from simple singer to $50 million in menswear sales. His success in fashion is huge. Last weekend, Ryan Seacrest was on the set preparing to host auditions for successive seasons of American Idol. He worked all weekend and has not quit. This motivation is what has kept him young and victorious. He is going to be hosting successive seasons of America’s favorite TV show. Ryan Seracrest hosts his talk show along with his co-host Kelly Ripa. The 2 are absolutely ready for the work that lies ahead. They’re excited! He hosts this show within the mornings. The show boasts three million viewers per day, and they have a huge social media following. Throughout the business breaks, the 2 stars joked with each other and had an excellent time. They even took some selfies with the group. Their star appeal is a force to be seen.


When he finishes up with his show with Kelly, Ryan commutes to a studio to host a radio show. He has twenty million listeners. The mornings in LA are a bit easier because of his show. He spends his time getting ready for different guests and specials. He hardly rests or takes an opening to even eat lunch. Ryan Seacrest is continually on the move to be better at his craft. He is going to be taking flights from the big apple to LA once the new season of American Idol starts airing. He can fly into LA on Friday to arrange for the broadcasts on Sunday. Then, he can take a flight back to the big apple so he will be ready to host his show with Kelly Ripa Monday morning.


Outside of the country, he’s performing on twelve tv shows to create his international presence. He has endorsements with Coca Cola and Ford. His investments are in startups like Pinterest, Headspace, and other apps. His star power is extraordinary, he’s the epitome of what it means to be a man on the move. Ryan Seacrest should maintain a hefty schedule so as to continue growth.

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