Securus Technologies Helping Correctional Facilities Get Rid of Contraband Phones Using WCS Technology

The usage of contraband phones in prison facilities is rampant, and it is a problem that needs to be addressed at the earliest. Many different crimes are reported inside and outside of the prison due to the use of the contraband phones. While there are many security measures in place to ensure that the contraband phones do not make it through to the prison facilities, it mostly does. It is a problem that the law enforcement agencies are trying to solve for a long time, but haven’t been able to find a solution for. Securus Technologies, a correctional firm that has been around since 1986, and is the market leader in North America when it comes to correctional services, recently announced the launch of wireless containment solutions.


It is what would help the correctional facilities to monitor the communications made from inside the prison and ensure that no calls are made from the contraband phones. The rampant use of contraband phones inside the prison was highlighted all across the country recently when an inmate brandishing a knife posted a video of the same online from inside the prison. It was a highly volatile video that also raised questions about the security inside the prison and how easy it is for the inmates to get the contraband phones inside. When the prisoners get the contraband phones inside, it can be used for various illegal purposes. Robert Johnson, who used to work as a corrections officer for nearly 15 years was almost shot to death at his home due to a hit ordered from the correctional facility using a contraband phone.


Securus Technologies believes that the wireless containment solution is the answer to all the questions regarding the contraband phones’ elimination from the prison facilities. The company has spent nearly $40 million for the design and development of wireless containment solutions, and have the best pool of experts on board to ensure that the system is full-proof. The wireless containment solution was installed in the eight facilities that Securus Technologies service and the results were that over 1.7 million unauthorized communication was stopped in one year. It is a considerable achievement considering the technology is relatively new. The company said that it would do whatever it takes to continue to develop the WCS technology so that it continues to become more potent and efficient.


Stopping the use of contraband phones inside the prison would encourage a safer and secure environment inside and outside of the prison. The company believes that the use of contraband phones results in the death of many civilians and officers each year, which would be strictly limited due to the use of WCS technology. The FCC has also said that they would ease the process of acquiring and installing the WCS technology.


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