The Future of Bitcoin According to Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb was born in Arkansas. He entered adult life by attending the University of California, Berkeley. He dropped out to move to New York City. In 2000 he started, MetalMachine, his first computer-based business. He is the founder and leader of blockchain giant, Mt. Gox, which became reality in 2011. During this same year he also founded eDonkey, which at that time was the largest file-sharing network of all time. He later also created the eDonkey2000 application. He led eDonkey to have more than 4 million active users.

He then founded and served as the CTO (Chief Technology Advisor) for Ripple, a position which he held until 2013. In 2014 he co-founded and became CTO of Stellar, a blockchain-powered international single payment plan. McCaleb predicts that the future of his industry will have operable universal payment networks. Along with the similar company, Ripple, Stellar is considered a revolution of the current remittance models. McCaleb believes in his company so strongly that he has stated his firm belief that Stellar will be the company to make universal payment networks a reality an that this reality will come to fruition by 2028.

Although stellar is bitcoin-based, McCaleb says this future universal payment network may or may not be based on bitcoin. Nevertheless, he thinks it probably will be bitcoin-based. He says this future system may be a hybrid system that facilitates flat currency payments. Stellar and Ripple both have their own cryptocurrency. The way that they function allows customers of these sites to use whatever form of currency they want. Ripple came first and has already been adapted for use by the South Korean Woori Bank. McCaleb also currently serves as an advisor for MIRI, an artificial intelligence research company.

More than anything else, Jeb McCaleb is absolutely sure that technology will revolutionize the world of tomorrow.

McCaleb’s prediction on the future of blockchain:

Jim Toner Years of Experience as a Fertility Doctor Known for His Excellent Results

If you are not able to conceive even after trying for many months, then it might be a wise decision to consult a fertility expert. After some preliminary health screenings and test, the fertility expert would be able to provide you with a clear picture of what is stopping you from conceiving. Some of the cases that people face are easily treatable, but in many cases, the fertility specialists have to provide an elaborate IVF treatment that can sometimes even take a couple of years.

In many cases, the IVF specialists have to start from the scratch to provide the treatment to the partner who is the reason behind not being able to conceive. Such treatment takes time to respond, but thankfully, the results are worth the wait. In the United States there are many fertility experts who you can consult, but make sure that you do your research before choosing the right fertility expert. It is because the treatment is as good as the IVF specialist that you consult, and it all depends on the treatment that whether your dream of conceiving would be fulfilled or not.

If you are looking to consult an experienced and expert IVF specialist in the United States, booking an appointment with Jim Toner might be a good idea. He is one of the foremost IVF specialists in the country and has high success track record. Jim Toner has been associated with the field of infertility and reproductive studies and treatment all throughout his career and has helped many couples fulfill their dreams of starting a family. Jim Toner is board certified physician and specializes in IVF and reproductive treatment. He currently practices in Atlanta at Atlanta Center for Reproductive Studies, where patients not only from Atlanta but across the country come to get treated by him. He is also involved with medical research, and his works have been published in many medical journals in the last few years.

Jim Toner starts his treatment by doing some basic fertility tests and screening that helps him understand the cause of the couple not being able to conceive. It also helps to know whether it is the male or the female partner the reason behind it. Once the results are available, Jim Toner discusses in the stretch with the couple to help them understand the chances of success, so that they are mentally prepared throughout the treatment. Jim Toner has patience and ensures that his clients are comfortable with him so that they can talk about their worries without feeling shy. He is supportive and empathetic during the entire course of treatment. He ensures that they are a team who are working together to achieve a common goal.

Research and evaluate Jim Toner:

The Development of Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties Dubai LLC was founded on June 20 i976 by Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani. The company’s headquarters are found in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company mainly engages in the development of commercial, residential, and leisure properties in the United Arab Emirates and other Middle East Countries.

The Dubai based Billionaire Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani is the CEO and the founder of DAMAC properties limited. He has a close relationship with Donald Trump Jr. Recently, and they were captured in a video where Donald Trump Jr. said that he would attend the lavish wedding of Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani, daughter.

The two real estate moguls are planning to enhance their relationship by transacting more real estate business. Their relationship had first collaborated when they both celebrated the New Year Eve since they had worked on the Trump International Golf Club that ended up making sales worth $2 billion. They said that their relationship would be strengthened since it has extended both to their children as well as their wives.

DAMAC properties LLC has worked with some investors all over the world. The most recent and a remarkable one is the Trump International Golf Club. The company deals with Glitzy and eye-catching properties.

DAMAC Properties contributes to the economic growth of the United Arab Emirates having employed more than 2000 employees. Moreover, they have their company’s shares listed in the Dubai Financial Market. This is one of the biggest property firms across the globe having delivered more than 20,000 luxury properties and homes. They also have 44,000 units at different stages of planning.

The DAMAC owner is an intelligent and successful businessman and investor who has a positive track record of global equity and capital markets. Currently, he holds a substantial number of regional and global market shares.

DAMAC properties concentrate on investing in private equities mergers as well ad majority holdings in publicly traded companies. Apart from being the founder and the chairman of DAMAC properties, Sajwani was one of the pioneers of the Property Market Expansion in the United Arab Emirates. He built Hotels that could make investors come for investment opportunities in the United Arab Emirates.

Listed here are the members of the board of DAMAC:

Brian Torchin: Bringer Of Medicine

One of the biggest obstacles that medical and legal facilities and businesses face is turnover of staff. Thanks to Brian Torchin, it has never been easer for firms to locate medical and legal staff that are well suited for the job, and in a very short amount of time. Brian Torchin is the founder and CEO of HCRC Staffing, which is a business that specializes in the recruiting of staff for various legal and medical positions, such as attorneys, dentists, and physical therapists to name a few. Brian Torchin and his business are based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has a public profile listed on LinkedIn, as well as Facebook, where he is constantly making posts discussing giving aid to people looking for jobs. Read more on about Brian Torchin

HCRC Staffing is a brilliant company, as it makes the process of hiring the people we count on most that much simpler. Thanks to Brian, we never have to worry about not having access to any sort of medical care that we might need from normal life, as well as access to any sort of legal help that one might need. It is impossible to predict life and when we will need these things, so it is a big comfort to know that there is an outlet available to trained professionals to give us the best possible service. Mr. Torchin is a veteran of the medical industry, which he started by opening and managing offices in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. The reach of his company has even spread overseas, all the way over to Europe. Brian consistently posts tips for hiring professionals on the staffing section of the HCRC website, just contributing to the idea that he genuinely enjoys helping and improving the medical industry that he has been an influential part of for so long.



Southridge Capital Partnering with Major Growing Companies

Southridge Capital LLC is a financial solutions company located in Connecticut. The management team is organized by Stephen M. Hicks, who is the Founder and CEO of the company, Narine Persuad as the Controller and Chief Financial Officer, Laurence J. Ditkoff, who is the CFA and CPA as the Director of Research, Henry B. Sargent, who is the JD and CFA as the COO and General Counsel, and Linda Carlsen, who is a member of the portfolio management team. They are a private equity firm whom is known to be the major player in the financial services industry that offers public companies advisory and structured financing by providing them innovated financial solutions. Since 1996, Southridge has made a total investment to over 250 public companies around the world of $1.8 billion. Although these growing companies may face some challenges, Southridge Capital is proud to have such a strong executive team that can execute through intuitive understanding and expertise in the financial field marketplace.


Southridge Capital LLC provides a wide range of services to reconstruct their situation for a better outcome, including Financial Analysis — which where the company creates thorough detailed, projected financial statements that are under control with financial and operational hypothesis. They also provide Balance Sheet Optimization to assist companies with maintaining a leveled balance with debt and equity. Not only does Southridge provide financial solutions for their clients, they provide securitization and credit enhancing services by offering monetization against a company’s existing asset and partnering with the companies’ creditors to eliminate debt in favor of common stock, which helps the company build their credit. You can visit for more info.



During 2012, Chairman and CEO, Stephen Hicks, announced that Southridge Capital Management — which is now known to be Southridge Partners II, entered into a $10 million equity purchase deal with eLayaway. The eLayaway company is an online payment system that allowes members to pay for services and products that they need and want the most, allowing consumers to make periodic payments. As well in 2012, Southridge entered into a $7 million equity deal with Adama Technologies because of their ability of removing hazardous waste.




Bruno Fagali In The Fight Towards Fake News

     Bruno Fagali reveals that for a while a lot has been said and discussed the influence and dominance in which fake story has in the electoral process all over the universe. One notable instance is during the US election between Donald Trump and his competitor Hillary Clinton.

Bruno Fagali, however, notes in the Brazilian nation the TSE has commenced the investigation towards this issue as the election year is nigh. This is through discussing as well as coordinating with specialists with the purpose of developing forms and tools that will be capable of reducing or preventing this issue. It is well known in the country how fake news can impact the election process.

He revealed that the TSE formed a council called the Consultative Council on Internet and Elections. The board was composed of representatives from fourteen organs and entities. The task of this council was subdivided into three primary duties. The first was to commence studies as well as research pertaining rules of the election with the influence the internet has on the election process. This also entailed the false risk news has on the whole process as well as what can be used to stop these types of information. The second task was to provide its opinion on issues submitted by the President of the TSE. The last mission was to propose and give actions as well as goals that would improve the standards of the election process.

There is, however, a new threat towards the provision of real news; it is called Deepfakes. It entails fake videos and has more influence and power as compared to the phony story. Deepfakes involved a program being developed that could insert a person’s facial structure or body in a video. The person could be a celebrity or politician or a public figure. This inclusion implies the person was not part of the video or is in no way associated with the video.

Bruno Fagali is a registered lawyer based in Brazil. He started his law firm called Fagali Advocates. The primary purpose of the firm was to infuse the in-depth know-how of the staff in the firm in the area the firm has its interests in. This is done with the utmost dedication to the team. The firm is specialized in public law as well as compliance, election law as well as parliamentary law among others.

Jim Toner: Helping People Make Money Through Real Estate Investing

Entrepreneur Jim Toner made his fortune selling real estate. He then went on to create a program called Jim Toner’s Wealth Builders to help the average American understand the process for making money by investing in real estate. It was a program developed out of necessity. Once Jim Toner began becoming wealthy using real estate, a growing number of people began asking for help, so they could do the same thing. Toner realized there was growing interest in real estate investing, so he gathered the information they would need, enlisted the experienced professionals to teach them and started the Wealth Builders program in 2008.

These days the Wealth Builders Workshops serve thousands of people in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. And thousands of others have already used it to generate income and purchase residential and commercial properties for their own use. Jim Toner also helps needy families, veterans and the homeless by working with charitable and philanthropic organizations like The Caring House Project Foundation and The Hope Live Foundation, of which he is executive director. The foundation recently gave an Iraq War veteran a fully paid for house. That’s just one example of Jim Toner’s generosity.

There have been many articles written about Jim Toner and his work with Wealth Builders in American newspapers and magazines. Toner has also appeared on CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, CNN and many other television stations making people aware of the opportunities available for generating wealth through real estate. He has also worked with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Frank McKinney and Bill Bartmann to inspire people to take advantage of the opportunities available through Wealth Builders. Toner continues to work to teach people ways it’s possible to make money through real estate.

Jim Toner has now published a book that offers a step-by-step blueprint for finding, financing, buying and selling real estate at a profit. Available on Amazon, ‘The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate: How to Profit in Today’s Market Using History’s Greatest Wealth Builder’ is a tome that offers effective strategies and enlightening stories about how they were actually used. Written in clear, easy to follow language, the book contains the actual methods Jim Toner and his team used to make their fortunes over the past three decades. It’s an excellent money-making tool.

As a youngster, Jim Toner pictured himself with great wealth. Searching for the means to make his millions, he had his ‘Eureka’ moment when he saw an infomercial for making wealth through real estate. When he made $10,000 in the first few months, Jim Toner knew he too could become the star of the rags to riches stories he loved. Now he’s helping others get the same opportunity.

Know how Jim Toner can help you succeed in business, go to

Banyan Hill Freedom Checks

Money Talks looked into Matt Badiali and Freedom Checks claims. In a recent Money Talk article one reporter found that Freedom Checks uses well-known high paying dividend stocks in order to pay the people who use the service. The program, as anyone can find out from its own site, does not rely on government funds. Unlike social security supplemental or social security income, it does not provide guaranteed income. Even though it does not provide guaranteed income, it can still provide investors who know what they are doing with a guaranteed income stream.

The site’s own website claims that 568 agencies across the United States wait to send these checks out to consumers. Readers may think these agencies refers to government agencies, but the word agency is used in a non-specific context. Many of these agencies are private businesses or private corporations who need investors or are selling stock. The stock these organizations sell is usually the high-dividend type mentioned earlier. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Crunchbase.

Although the claims on the website and on talk radio show commercial seem extraordinary, many people have seen results like the $24,000 a Missouri main waits to receive. Even skeptical people, like the ones noted above, claim that these rewards are possible.

Matt Badiali wanted other patriots to enjoy independence in their later lives. Thousands of Americans rely on social security or other programs to make ends meet as they get older. He wanted to make sure that few people as possible became dependent in this manner. He founded Freedom Checks to help achieve this goal. Badiali never expected to receive the overwhelmingly positive response from the people who have used his methods, but he is happy to know he has helped others. Any financial investment involves risk, but Freedom Checks may be the best way to improve retirement income without relying on the federal government. Read:

Dr. Clay Siegall; the Co-Founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics Showcases Exemplary Leadership Skills

In the world of medicine, research takes place day in day out. Because various illnesses have proved to be quite a menace over the years, scientists have always dedicated their time and energy towards finding appropriate remedies. Among the diseases that have been tough to treat are such as cancer. Nevertheless, Clay Siegall, in conjunction with Seattle Genetics has been working round the clock to find suitable remedies that can treat cancer effectively.

Background Data

Seattle Genetics has been interacting with human antibodies over the years. The company has been manipulating and studying the human antibodies with the sole aim of producing drugs. Founded in 1998 by Clay Siegall, the company has been able to pioneer groundbreaking research over the years. Regarding research that involves human antibodies, Seattle Genetics has been able to come up with an antibody that can interact with cancer cells and infuse them with toxins that will, in turn, destroy the cancer cells from within. In turn, the antibodies will not harm the surrounding cells in any manner.

More about Seattle Genetics

Such a form of research could easily earn Seattle Genetics a remarkable reputation concerning the pharmaceutical industry. Keeping in mind that Seattle’s biotech community has been experiencing many ups and downs, there is high hope that Seattle Genetics is here to stay. With a market value of $10 billion and a workforce comprising of 900 employees, Seattle Genetics is ranked as the largest biotech company in Washington. Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, the pharmaceutical company has the ambition of upgrading to being a big pharma company with time. As a company that invests heavily when it comes to marketing as well as research, they are set to add 200 employees to their current workforce this year.

Of late, Seattle Genetics has launched a drug known as Adcetris. Adcetris is a drug that is aimed at treating Hodgkin lymphoma. Hodgkin lymphoma is cancer associated with the lymph system, and it can spread to other organs as well. If the drugs prove to be effective, it will be released into the market.


Clay Siegall has stated that Seattle Genetics is a multiproduct company that specializes in oncology and also operates on a global scale. The research that has been carried out by Seattle Genetics over the years has come in handy when it comes to drug production. There is no desire to sell Seattle Genetics to a larger company since the company is highly dedicated towards achieving greater heights.

Although Seattle Genetics had to sell its international commercial rights to Takeda Oncology back in the day, the capital that was raised was put to good use, and Adcetris was produced eventually. Since Clay Siegall was also able to gain more knowledge concerning global markets, he recently launched an office in Switzerland and Seattle Genetics is now able to carry out their own international marketing.

Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics will head far and wide. As an exemplary leader, Clay Siegall’s ability to steer the company in the right direction has led the company to where it is right now.