Serving Commercial Banking Interests

Located in Dallas, Texas, Nexbank is a major financial institution that offers high quality commercial banking services to its customers. The bank was founded in 1922 and continually strives to provide new and innovative services to commercial investors. Before it got the name Nexbank, the bank was called Heritage Bank.

Nexbank offers a wide range of banking services to its customers. Some of the services provided include commercial banking, mortgage banking, business loans and loans for real estate investors, internet banking, corporate banking and lending services and treasury management services. The bank serves commercial establishments across Texas.

On March 31st 2018, Nexbank is reported to have assets worth $8.4 billion. The main focus of the bank is to provide financial services to financial institutions and corporations. They serve large corporations and middle market companies. Some of the services they offer are mergers and acquisitions, syndicated loan services, land advisory services and corporate finance and services..

The success of Nexbank is attributed to the flexible approach adopted by the team of highly experienced professions who customize and tailor all services according to the unique needs of each individual customer. The commitment of the team is to give maximum satisfaction to customers.

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