Sunday Riley Discusses Her Skincare and Good Genes Makeup

Sunday Riley is a skincare line that has really gained a cult following amongst beauty product enthusiasts who are dedicated to the product line. Sunday Riley is not only the name of a skin care line, but it is also the name of the woman who founded the company. Sunday Riley decided to make the brand and named it after herself because she felt something was missing in the skincare world that she could fill.

Sunday Riley decided to make her skincare line because of a gap between science and natural botanicals being used for skin care. She observed this first hand with her work as a cosmetic chemist. She observed this lack of combination back in 2009. She observed that combining the two could really help to keep women looking great well into their old age. Sunday also personally wanted to make a product that would keep her looking more youthful throughout her aging process.

As a cosmetic chemist, Sunday Riley says that all of her products are made through trial and error. She learns from her mistakes when the brand is working on new products. She’s proud of every product that the brand has made, although she also isn’t ashamed to remove a product if she feels that it is no longer as effective as it could be.

Sunday Riley also recently started to formulate makeup products. She made a foundation recently called Good Genes. She said it was a bit of a challenge to make the foundation because she had to formulate all of it to be in different shades. She is proud of the product, but she is also proud of every product that Sunday Riley has made over the years. Good Genes and Power couple are currently the top-selling products for Sunday Riley. The Good Genes product was something that took a considerable amount of work, so Sunday is glad that it has been doing so well for the company. She observed that they saw a lot of sales for the product once it started to get chatted up on social media platforms like Reddit and other platforms. The company will likely continue to branch out into more makeup products that are good for the skin in the future.

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