Richard Mishaan Design is a Bold Step Forward

In the interior design world there is really only way way to be: perfect. Richard Mishaan Design, run by Richard Mishaan himself, has been making a statement in the industry while being located out of New York City. Mishaan sets himself apart from other high end designers by being beautifully true to himself, to his vision, and to what makes him tick. All the while, Richard Mishaan Design seems to thumb its nose at the typical conventions of an otherwise ‘elite’ and snobby industry.


The high end interior design industry is filled with excess and luxury. Interior designers typically tell their clients to go all out and buy as expensive as possible. This, however, is not the way that the team at Richard Mishaan Design happens to operate. Mishaan himself says, “I don’t like it when someone walks away from something because it’s not expensive enough.” This isn’t to say that Mishaan is cheap, however — he’s not, but it does show that Mishaan looks at more than price tags. Richard Mishaan says, “I think it’s really more about having an eye than having a certain amount of money.” Certainly this is the truth.


Richard Mishaan has been establishing himself within the industry for years now. He primarily does work with private residences as well as upscale hotels. In fact, Richard Mishaan Design did work on a slew of suites in the St Regis back in 2010. Richard Mishaan is all about flexing his unique viewpoints and getting his clients to see things from a whole new perspective, often resulting in beautiful works of art. Richard Mishaan has released a slew of books including his most recent title: ‘Artfully Modern’ which can be used as a reference to some of Mr. Mishaan’s finer works.


The largest takeaway that you can have with Richard Mishaan Design is that he is fearless in his approach, unconventional in his application, and bold in his choice of designs. Richard Mishaan loves to blend eras and textures, often bringing together a collaboration that nobody else would think to try. This is what sets Richard Mishaan Design apart from the rest of the competition