Cosmetic Professional Doe Deere Exceeds Industry

Doe Deere, well known for her success in the cosmetic industry is also popular for being a marketing professional, and a the technology expert. Many people find it hard to believe the youthful face is the face behind Lime Crime cosmetics. She recently gave away the keys to success to Savior online readers. More importantly, she wants their readers to know how important it is to get your education. She received her design school certification when very few people believed in her color scheme. Deere knew her peers were not happy about her unconventional way of thinking about bright colors. Learn more:


At the tender age of thirteen, in her native Russia, Deere learned the art of marketing, and appreciating the people who attended her events. She began popularizing novelty tattoos by wearing them, and soon began marketing them to her friends. She also learned to appreciate the people who attended her events over their money. Deere tells Savior beauty magazine online readers, this is the foundation for success. She also puts passion behind her work e everyday, she is the flame behind her passion, takes business risks, and expands on her ideas. Through her direct passion Lime Crime cosmetics was born.


Lime Crime is an exclusive line of eye-shadow, or lipstick products. She was the first of her kind to try a velvetine matte base in her cosmetics. The matte formula goes on moist, and gives you a superior waterproof hold for up to 12 hours. Get trendy shades like Beet It, or Radical Metallic. Find a shade that will accent your new hairdo, or outfit. Her shades are completely unmatched by competitor brands, and are sold exclusively at select Bloomingdale retail networks. She offers colors empowering girls, and guys around the world. Their website has models of all shades to let you know exactly how their colors look on all skin types.


You can also find their products on their website with free shipping offers for first-time customers. You can give your creative advice to other wearers by submitting a YouTube tutorial. Find other ways to mix, match, blend, and remove LC cosmetics. You can also find great shoes, clothing items, and accessories from their sister company Dolls Kill. Thousands of people are choosing LC cosmetics over other big name competitors. Love the skin your in with brilliant colors bringing out your best features. Deere invites you to become a Lime Crime wearer today.