The Significant History of the Waiakea Water

Waiakea is a water company that produces clean drinking water for the people. The water originates from a natural source–the Mauna Loa Volcano–which makes it pure and exceptional from other water companies. Following the origin of the Waiakea water, the water is considered to be rich in minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium and much more. It is also believed to have electrolytes. Waiakea water is alkaline, which increases the bone density and the hydration status of an individual. The Waiakea Company stresses the positive effects of the water to the humankind.

Moreover, it is the first water company to bug an award for Carbon Neutral Certification for both water and beverages which have resulted in the elevation of the status of the company and much more. The Waiakea water company mainly focuses on the conservation of the environment. It is because the society views the environment to have a significant impact on the daily life of a person. It also ensures its protection because it is the primary provider of water to not only the company but generally for the people. Waiakea Company, however, works with the community for empowerment and establishment of quality life. For instance the company partners with an organization, known as Pump Aid, which helps disadvantaged people to be able to access clean water and the necessary basic needs.

The activities of the company have however prompted the Waiakea Water Company to be among the organizations that grow fast over the years. It has also resulted in the global recognition of the company and generation of profits for the company. Following the excellent management of the Waiakea water company, the firm stores its water into recyclable bottles that are environmentally friendly. The recyclable containers use less energy to produce and have also reduced carbon discharges. These have however given rise to the company and to be labeled as the greenest producer of bottled water without reservations. Following the significant achievements and the excellent management of the firm, Waiakea waters have also won several awards and received positive responses from different associations and the people.