Equities First Holdings a Sure Thing in a Fickle Time

I guess I should start of explaining to the reader about the title of this article. Equities First Holdings has been a steady leader in the ups and downs of the financial lending market, and yet it has continued to thrive without scandal. The CEO hasn’t been forcefully removed by renegade shareholders. The company has brought a balanced way to lend money to individuals as well a companies with stock-based portfolio lending allows companies or individuals to leverage stock portfolio thus eliminating the risky business of losing in taking a chance on lending. The deals are more robust with concrete backing of the valuation of the stock portfolio. Equities First Holdings has found a way to expand when others in this space are shrinking.

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Jim Toner: Helping People Make Money Through Real Estate Investing

Entrepreneur Jim Toner made his fortune selling real estate. He then went on to create a program called Jim Toner’s Wealth Builders to help the average American understand the process for making money by investing in real estate. It was a program developed out of necessity. Once Jim Toner began becoming wealthy using real estate, a growing number of people began asking for help, so they could do the same thing. Toner realized there was growing interest in real estate investing, so he gathered the information they would need, enlisted the experienced professionals to teach them and started the Wealth Builders program in 2008.

These days the Wealth Builders Workshops serve thousands of people in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. And thousands of others have already used it to generate income and purchase residential and commercial properties for their own use. Jim Toner also helps needy families, veterans and the homeless by working with charitable and philanthropic organizations like The Caring House Project Foundation and The Hope Live Foundation, of which he is executive director. The foundation recently gave an Iraq War veteran a fully paid for house. That’s just one example of Jim Toner’s generosity.

There have been many articles written about Jim Toner and his work with Wealth Builders in American newspapers and magazines. Toner has also appeared on CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, CNN and many other television stations making people aware of the opportunities available for generating wealth through real estate. He has also worked with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Frank McKinney and Bill Bartmann to inspire people to take advantage of the opportunities available through Wealth Builders. Toner continues to work to teach people ways it’s possible to make money through real estate.

Jim Toner has now published a book that offers a step-by-step blueprint for finding, financing, buying and selling real estate at a profit. Available on Amazon, ‘The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate: How to Profit in Today’s Market Using History’s Greatest Wealth Builder’ is a tome that offers effective strategies and enlightening stories about how they were actually used. Written in clear, easy to follow language, the book contains the actual methods Jim Toner and his team used to make their fortunes over the past three decades. It’s an excellent money-making tool.

As a youngster, Jim Toner pictured himself with great wealth. Searching for the means to make his millions, he had his ‘Eureka’ moment when he saw an infomercial for making wealth through real estate. When he made $10,000 in the first few months, Jim Toner knew he too could become the star of the rags to riches stories he loved. Now he’s helping others get the same opportunity.

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Ryan Seacrest Uses Media To Help Children

Ryan Seacrest is one of the renowned media celebrities in the current entertainment industry. He has featured and produced several TV and Radio well known shows. Born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974, Ryan attended Dunwoody High School during which he was able to find his passion for media. He then proceeded to the University of Georgia for his graduate studies. While at the University, Ryan also took up an internship at Atlanta Radio Show which was the platform that gave him his first radio experience.

After graduating, Ryan moved to Los Angeles, California where he started his radio career. He developed his first radio show known as Ryan Seacrest for the ride home. This opened for him other opportunities that led to him hosting other radio shows such as the American TO 40 and On air with Ryan Seacrest.

Alongside radio, Ryan Seacrest also featured in several TV shows. He his first TV appearance was on ESPN’s Radical Outdoor Challenge show and the Click show. His television breakthrough came in 2002 when he landed the role of co-hosting the famous American Idol show. Ryan has also worked for E! News Television cable as an anchor until 2011. Other television shows he has hosted include Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

In 2012, Ryan landed a lucrative deal with NBC Universal which saw him be part of the team that covered the 2012 London summer Olympics games. He also has featured as a host for several NBC’s shows including The million second show. Besides, hosting shows, Ryan has added to his resume as being a producer. He has produced several known TV shows including Kourtney & Kim take New York, Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, and Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Aside from creating his own fashion brand, Ryan Seacrest has also been involved in Philanthropy work besides being on media. He is the founder of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation that he launched in 2010 to help mentor the youth through media. The foundation also works with various children hospitals to aid them in their treatment. Some of the hospitals include Children’s Hospital Colorado, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta among other. The foundation’s current ambassador is Selena Gomez.

Bitcoin: A Great Option for Investment Advice

In today’s financial world Bitcoin has been making a splash in the last couple months. With bitcoin reaching a record high of around $18,500, many investors that have never considered adding any cryptocurrency to their portfolio are now being much more open to the prospect of Bitcoin and more open to the possibility of adding it to their portfolio because of the rapid price increase. This has caused many people to think about how exactly to buy Bitcoin and how to sell it. There is a very simple strategy when it comes to making the profit with Bitcoin: buy low, and sell high. This has been the staple investing strategy with many assets such as stocks or commodities and is now being used in the Bitcoin rally.

Many people do not fully understand what Bitcoin is because it is not a physical asset and does not hold any physical value such as gold or silver. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is simply lines of code on the computer. It is held in a virtual wallet and is sent on a network called the blockchain to other wallets. This has caused some confusion among more traditional investors but does not have to be very hard to understand. The Oxford Club, an organization dedicated to teaching people how to invest properly and save for retirement, encourages people to really think about adding Bitcoin to their portfolios because of the possible price increases in the future.

With cryptocurrency, there is a chance to make a lot of money. Some people have become millionaires with the recent price increase of Bitcoin. Every investor should really consider adding Bitcoin and some smaller cryptocurrency with Litecoin to their portfolio. It is a very easy and simple thing to do, with no lengthy applications. Add Bitcoin to your portfolio today.

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