Osteo relief institute is the best in treating osteoarthritis

Over the several years one of the shocking things is that arthritis is becoming so common, but one thing it’s that not so many people understand the disease. One thing that so many people think is that arthritis is one single disease, but this is not the case. The so many common cases of arthritis are more than 100 types. It’s common among woman, and it’s becoming the most leading cause of disability in the nation. The most common one being the osteoarthritis and one challenging thing it’s getting the best hospital to help with the situation.

The number one priority is getting an institute that cares. The Osteo relief institute in New Jersey will provide you with the care that you would want. One of the best thing about the Osteo relief institute it’s that they have a team of physicians and physical therapist that are trained in what they do, and they have the necessary certificates. The institutes believe that every patient that walks in the institute has to be treated like family.

The Osteo Relief Institute has one goal, and that is to provide the most advanced treatment that is available when it comes to the osteoarthritis. So that patients will be able to return to their routine within no time. The Osteo relief institute has unique cleared technologies that have been approved by the FDA.

Whether it’s just a minor or major arthritis situation that you are suffering from the Osteo relief institute will be able to help (https://www.healthgrades.com/group-directory/nj-new-jersey/wall-township/osteo-relief-institute-wall-nj-oomj9t5). With the most advanced technology that the institute has invested in, they will be able to pinpoint the cause of the pain and provide the needed treatment. The institute number one target is to ensure that a patient will stay active, have a stress free life, and he or she is healthy what the whole program will provide.

Osteo relief based in New Jersey, all the staff know that every individual deserves to be given the best so they will be able to avoid any aggressive procedures in the near future. The team is always ready to help in advising the best treatment that would be helpful in any situation.

Dr. Mark J Holterman: Fighting The Good Fight

Dr. Mark J Holterman is currently a General Surgery Specialist situated in Chicago, Illinois. He completed his undergraduate degree at Yale University where he studied Biology and Psychology and passed with a national merit scholar status in the year 1980. Dr. Mark went ahead to join the University of Virginia where he earned an MD and Ph.D. in Immunology. He was part of the National Institute of Health Medical Scientist Training Program during his time at the University of Virginia (Facebook). After graduating in 1988, he completed his internship in general surgery at the same institution. Immediately after satisfying his residency marks, he became pediatric at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital and Medical center supported by the University of Washington. He later spent two more years at the Clinical Research Institute in Montreal as a Research Associate adding more experience to his profile.

In 1997, Dr. Mark joined the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine as a professor of medicine. He was absorbed into the University of Illinois system as an assistant professor based in Chicago and built his profile all the way up to an associate professor at the Chicago Campus. Consequently, he practiced medicine at Rush Medical College perfecting his skills in the medical field. He has served since then till 2011 when he was entitled to be a full professor at Peoria. Between the terms, he acted as a clinical instructor and an attending pediatric surgeon at Rush University Medical Center.

Dr. Mark Holterman is currently serving as a professor of pediatrics and surgery at the University of Illinois. He has held this position since 2011 after his full promotion. Besides educating students in the medical field, he researches stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine, novel cancer therapies, autoimmunity, and obesity out of his personalized interests. He has served at Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapy, the Endowment for Human Development, and CatholicVote all as a scientific contributor. Moreover, Dr. Mark contributes to serving a purpose through his many memberships in medical societies and has authored numerous publications and book chapters on his research findings.

More at https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/mark-holterman-md-a978422c-387f-40a8-b4b3-b5894444d1af-overview