Felipe Montoro Jens Detects Serious Flaws In Brazil’s Infrastructure Planning

Bruised, battered, and woefully negligent, Brazil is in severe economic turmoil. The National Confederation of Industry shed light on Brazil’s failing economy in a recent study that revealed how many infrastructure projects Brazil deserted in 2017. Just last year, Brazil left 517 infrastructure works in the lurch. Brazil’s display of remarkable ineptitude has left economists scratching their heads as they desperately endeavor to resolve this unmitigated disaster. The upheaval that these job discontinuations have spurred is not to be trivialized, and it’s prompted specialists like Felipe Montoro Jens to take action. Find out more at consultasocio.com to learn more.

Jens, an infrastructure projects expert, has invaluable insight when it comes to these affairs. As someone who recognizes the vital role that infrastructure plays in keeping an economy well-oiled, Jens is wholly concerned with Brazil’s negligence and incompetence. As an attempt to get to the root of Brazil’s ongoing problems, Jens delved into the inner workings of their infrastructure operations. His findings proved disconcerting at best. Above all else, Jens maintains that Brazil is sorely underqualified in seemingly all aspects of project planning. From their lousy micro planning techniques to their nonexistent execution modality models, Jens was dismayed when he became privy to Brazil’s haphazard operations.

What’s more, Jens believes that Brazil’s construction workers lack proper training. According to Jens, a simple solution is to offer training to both experienced and rookie workers. While Jens believes that Brazil could improve on their contractual agreements and budgetary issues as well, Ilana Ferreira, a dignitary at the National Confederation of Industry, suggests that “the main problem that leads to the stoppage of works is technical.” It’s for this reason why Brazil needs to update their procedures and make efforts to revolutionize. If Brazil’s carelessness persists, their economy will go belly-up, and they’ll succumb to the extremities of financial and economic ruin.

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