Sawyer Howitt Has A Passion For Racquetball

As a senior at a high school in Portland, Oregon, Sawyer Howitt has developed a number of hobbies and interests. He enjoys attending games played by the Portland Trail Blazers as well as photography, fly fishing in rivers, music, fashion, and healthy eating. However, his first passion is for playing racquetball. He plays this sport at both his high school and the much more challenging Racquetball Club of Portland where the best players in the region face off against each other.

At the beginning of his racquetball career, Sawyer Howitt started off playing boy’s singles for the Lincoln High School racquetball team. He has displayed a keen ability to play the game and has honed his game to a very high level. He now also plays boy’s doubles as well as indoor and outdoor contests.

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As part of his passion for this sport, Sawyer Howitt operates a blog where he regularly posts content about the game, sponsorships, and the gear needed to play.  A recent post of his goes into detail about the difference between Gearbox Gloves and E-Force Gloves and when each type might be superior to the other. He also watches top pro’s of the game in order to learn their strategies and how he can incorporate those into his own game so that he can one day be a top player in the international community of racquetball professionals.

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