Helane Morrison: A Compliance Officer with a Mission

After the financial market crash of 2008, the financial institutions soiled their reputation. To rebuild the public trust, it had to take the intervention of talented individuals like Helane Morrison. Helane, the Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners, enforces accountability and integrity in all the financial dealings of the Company.


Through her hard work in the field, Helane has managed to make a positive impact on the compliance department. Hall Capital Partners, women run firm, is one of the investments companies in California that have made an impact in the financial world.


She joined the firm in 2007. The diverse culture that the Company offered motivated is what motivated Helane to join the firm. Her goal was to restore the confidence of the public in the financial institutions.


Integrity and accountability in the different institutions are what drives her. She believes that her position at the firm will help her to achieve her goals. Her tenacity and meticulous attention to detail have helped her expose the individuals who take advantage of their power. Helane has become an indispensable figure in the fight against injustice that occurs in the economic world.


After the economic turmoil that was witnessed in 2007 and 2008, Helane was among the few people who were proactive to find a solution. She acquired her degree in Journalism and decided to advance her education by earning a Juris Doctor degree. She later began her career at the United States Supreme Court as the Clerk. She built her skills and advanced to the Supreme Court of Justice.


Her experience attracted the attention of the government, and she was offered the position with the United States Security and Exchange in San Francisco. The position gave the power to protect the people who were victims of fraudsters. Her journalism background soon became an asset and afforded her a position as the Head of Enforcement at the firm. That widened her focus to other States.


She spent a few years with SEC and later realized that she needed to change her scope and that was when she resigned and joined Hall Capital Partners. Besides being the Chief Compliance Officer, she serves as the Managing Director and a Member of the Executive Committee.


Helane has worked as the editor-in-chief of the California Law Review. She used to work for the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin law firm between 1986 and 1991.


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