American Institute of Architects Leads the Way in Architectural Services

     The American Institute of Architects was established by a team of architects in 1857. The group’s membership has grown to over 90, 000 with a group of 300 state and local members who offer guidance to members. The AIA is headquartered in New York City and has 200 employees who are in permanent employment. The primary aim of American Institute of Architect is to develop public, client and colleagues’ confidence in the architect’s competence and dedication to work.

The AIA meet its objectives through information, community, and advocacy. They offer education programs to help their members maintain their licensure. The AIA allows interns and young professionals to get prepared for the market by exposing them to the environment that they will get when employed, they also offer referral services.

American Institute of Architects has the following activities in their annual plan.

Make several web resources available to the future architectural professionals.

Set the industry standards with most of their contract forms being used in construction and design industry.

Do a market research on factors that affect architecture as a business.

Work as an advocate in the architect industry.

Award the members who achieve the highest level of professional excellence.


About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the current CEO of AIA. Robert worked for several organizations before joining the American Institute of Architects. He was the chief editor at Architectural Records the body that he contributed to its growth to become one of the widely read architectural journals. Robert joined AIA in 2011 and has ever since worked hard to bring back the AIA legacy of being responsive, proactive and influential organization.

Robert’s primary objective when he joined AIA was to streamline AIA’s governance, launch a public awareness campaign, and build a digital technology infrastructure. Among other several achievements that Robert has managed at AIA is his effort to prepare young professionals to be aware of the current pressing issues such the importance of design on the public health sector, sustainability, and climate change.

Alpha Rho Chi in 2010 honored Robert for his commitment and effectiveness in communicating the value of design. He was among the seven architects who received the award from Alpha Rho Chi fraternity who also named him ‘Master Architect.’ Before this honor Robert Ivy in 2009 received the coveted Crain Award which is the American Business Media’s highest award for an individual. Robert has a long list of awards from different organizations and also shares some honors with big names in the architect industry such as Dr. Nathan Clifford Ricker, John Wellborn Root among others.

Ava Trade in Revolutionizing Online Trading Experience

Avatrade was started in 2006 as Forex brokers globally. The offices of Ava trader are spread out in many locations such as Tokyo, Dublin, New York and many other offices across the globe. The Central bank is responsible for regulating all the business carried by Ava trade, and they are licensed in MiFID in the European Union. In Australia, it is controlled by ASIC while in Japan it is governed by B.V.I Financial Services Commission.

To have an account in AvaTrade is very simple, no standard account is needed what you require is only a minimum deposit of $100. Ava trade offers a variety of options to its clients such as either variable, fixed or floating. The spreads in Ava Trade starts from 0.9 pips; this is the most competitive brokers around the globe. It also offers many orders such as limit orders, stop loss orders, market order, trailing shops, and entry stops.

AvaTrade was the first internet brokers to introduce CFD trading on indices, stocks, and commodities. Also, it is at the forefront of starting digital currency as well granting access to Bitcoin marketing to various normal retail traders. The bonus offered by AvaTrade is also significant, the bonuses begin from $40 f0r a staring account of $200 deposit and go up to $10 000 for a minimum deposit of $50 000.

AvaTrade review has been playing a proper role in online forex trading since 2006. The firm was started by combined efforts of experts and financial professionals with the goal of making the experience of online trading perfect. The company has registered members more than 200 000. They execute more than 2 billion sales each month. Total trading volume each month is more than $60 billion. It does not matter whether you are an experienced forex trader or not; Avatrade provides with flexible trading adding platforms as well as the right balance of sophistication and simplicity.

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How the Oxford Club Helps You Accumulate Wealth

The Wall Street Journal ranked The Oxford Club’s newsletter among the best in 2014. This achievement was a continuation of the firm’s 13 years of success making it outshine other front-runners in business.

According to the Hulbert Digest, The Oxford Club was among the only 12 advisors who had been making money throughout the previous three cycles irrespective of the nature of the market. The Hulbert Digest’s goal was not to pinpoint consultants who made the most money, but to identify the ones who thrived whether the business was high or low.

The Oxford Club’s winning formula is investing in ventures with low risk and high returns. The firm has a team of brilliant specialists. They pool many investing models which they dissipate through ten business advisories and three monthly newsletters.

The firm does not rely on predictions of how the stock market is likely to behave since you cannot predict which stock will rise or fall. The experts analyze businesses diligently before investing to ensure that their risk of disappointing minimal.

The Chief Investment Strategist, Alexander Green, sends a summary of The Oxford Club’s investment strategy to every new subscriber of the Oxford Communique.

The Synopsis usually informs new members that businesses which do all things the correctly increase sales, grow market share, compound earnings at high rates, pay down debt, improve operating margins, and buy back shares. With all these factors in place, you can rest assured of fantastic returns irrespective of the performance of the stock market or the economy.

The Oxford Club urges its members not to take heed to the prediction of the financial media since it can be deceiving. The Club’s strategy never fails. It has succeeded for more than a decade. No consultancy matches the Oxford Communique.

About The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is a financial organization founded in 1989. It has more than 80,000 members from various countries. It aims at helping members to gain and retain wealth.

Alexander Green who leads the editorial team frequents the Wall Street Journal and is a bestselling author of the New York Times. His flagship newsletter, the Oxford Communique regularly ranks as one of the leading portfolios in America.

Siteline Cabinetry for Durable, Custom-made Cabinets within the Home

Siteline Cabinetry is your perfect contractor for any remodeling or facelift job. The firm gives you competitive pricing and more design selection compared to other contractors. The company also offers a number of pre-configured cabinet designs you can choose from including metal door finishes, thermofoil finishes, high-gloss acrylic and maple paint colors and inserts. Additionally, it offers you all these at an affordable price unlike other contractors who come with designer-brand price tags.

Customer Comes First

Siteline Cabinetry gives you full decision-making authority over the design, cut, fitting, color and material finish of your project. Additionally, it delivers on any project within four to five weeks, which ensures your project is completed in time for you to see the fruits of your labor in the home. In the given period, you get full price quotes, and delivery and installation of the new cabinets wherever you want them. You, therefore, get custom designs made exactly how you want them since Siteline Cabinetry builds your cabinets from scratch. As such, it does not store any pre-built or fabricated cabinetry in warehouses. It also custom-makes the cabinetry to any size you want.

About Siteline Cabinetry

Founded by Pat Corsi and brought to you by the Corsi Group in 2015, Siteline Cabinetry build beautiful, premium cabinets for home décor, home renovation, smart home and home improvement. The firm offers competitively-priced cabinetry produced by pre-engineered modern equipment. Siteline cabinetry is a full access brand offering cabinetry in more than 270 finish and material choices. The firm firmly believes that no two projects are ever the same, and works towards satisfying your needs as a home owner. Depending on what you want, the firm will work with your design in a four to five week lead time to deliver and install your cabinets in the part of the home you want them. Consequently, it pays utmost attention to detail for durable products, which meet national safety standards.

Additional Information

Siteline Cabinetry works with authorized dealers in locations such as Indiana, Colorado, Illinois, and Wisconsin, among many others to ensure quick delivery of results. Additionally, Siteline Cabinetry is available on social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and has a website where you can learn more about what it does and the projects it has worked on so far.

Amicus Therapeutics solving problems for those who need it most

Being on the cutting edge of biotechnology means doing something different than what everyone else is doing. It means providing solutions to problems that others cannot provided. In the U.S. alone, over 800,000 people work in the biopharmaceutical arena. But it is the Staff at Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq:FOLD) that is making huge leaps in order to bring new and innovative therapies to the People around the World who need them the most.

With Headquarters in Cranbury, New Jersey, Amicus Therapeutics is constantly on the move to make a difference for those who need a solution most. They embody a risk-taking culture because that is what it takes to drive the type of innovation that is needed so badly in the biopharmaceutical arena. Conventional thinking and conventional decision making have not provided solutions to the many who suffer from rare and orphan diseases. Amicus Therapeutics looks at things differently by asking different questions, taking calculated risks, and never allowing themselves to be constrained by prior thinking.

The culture at Amicus Therapeutics really is driven from top leadership to all levels of the organization (GoogleFinance). Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, John F. Crowley, understands that it is the passion of the Staff that drives the innovation. The passion and drive have pushed several key therapies to the late development phases which are ready to burst from the pipeline. Treating rare conditions and diseases such as Fabry disease, Pompe disease, and other Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSDs) has been our passion and we are ready for People around the globe to receive the benefits from our innovative therapies.

Science powered by passion is a constant theme embedded in the culture at Amicus Therapeutics. Using innovative technology to specifically target mutated proteins has allowed Amicus Therapeutics to enhance the treatment for those suffering from rare and orphan diseases.

At Amicus Therapeutics, the unified goal is to provide People around the world with solutions when they need them the most.

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Osteo relief institute is the best in treating osteoarthritis

Over the several years one of the shocking things is that arthritis is becoming so common, but one thing it’s that not so many people understand the disease. One thing that so many people think is that arthritis is one single disease, but this is not the case. The so many common cases of arthritis are more than 100 types. It’s common among woman, and it’s becoming the most leading cause of disability in the nation. The most common one being the osteoarthritis and one challenging thing it’s getting the best hospital to help with the situation.

The number one priority is getting an institute that cares. The Osteo relief institute in New Jersey will provide you with the care that you would want. One of the best thing about the Osteo relief institute it’s that they have a team of physicians and physical therapist that are trained in what they do, and they have the necessary certificates. The institutes believe that every patient that walks in the institute has to be treated like family.

The Osteo Relief Institute has one goal, and that is to provide the most advanced treatment that is available when it comes to the osteoarthritis. So that patients will be able to return to their routine within no time. The Osteo relief institute has unique cleared technologies that have been approved by the FDA.

Whether it’s just a minor or major arthritis situation that you are suffering from the Osteo relief institute will be able to help ( With the most advanced technology that the institute has invested in, they will be able to pinpoint the cause of the pain and provide the needed treatment. The institute number one target is to ensure that a patient will stay active, have a stress free life, and he or she is healthy what the whole program will provide.

Osteo relief based in New Jersey, all the staff know that every individual deserves to be given the best so they will be able to avoid any aggressive procedures in the near future. The team is always ready to help in advising the best treatment that would be helpful in any situation.

Understanding the DNA of craft beers

The main ingredients used in beer making include barley, hops, yeast, and water. Barley is the primary source of sugars and yeast is used to ferment sugars from the barley. Hops refer to special herbs that used to introduce a bitter and burning taste in a beer.


Different beer makers use various combinations of these ingredients which results in beers with different flavors and colors. The components used in beer making also determine the amount of head (foam) in a beer. Besides the four main ingredients, some beers may have other ingredients that are popularly known as adjuncts.


Styles of beer

Almost every beer enthusiast might have heard of the terms “lager” and “ale.” In the United States, the lager is popularly known as the king (Facebook). Lager beers are produced through the bottom fermentation process. The yeast used to ferment the beer sinks to the bottom of the fermentation tank. The fermentation process results in a pale gold beer that is crisper and has a cleaner flavor.

Ale beers, on the other hand, are produced by the top fermentation process. The yeast used in fermentation floats on the top of the fermentation tank. These beers usually have stronger flavors, and they are darker when compared to lager beers.


The two beer styles are just general categories used to classify beers. The number of beer styles available throughout the world is as infinite as the creativity of a brewmaster. As you tour around the world, you will realize that there are many other styles beer besides the larger and ales.


About Eli Gershkovitch

Eli Gershkovitch is the CEO of Steamworks, a company he established in 1995. To most people, Eli seems to lack the haughty persona that is characteristic to many leaders of the giant companies in the world. Instead, Eli Gershkovitch approaches life differently. He likes keeping it casual and admires freedom. His desire to control his destiny may have driven him to build a brewing empire.


Steamworks started as a small pub in Gastown, Vancouver. The pub was situated in a historic building that hosted a big secret. The building had a unique steam system that Eli Gershkovitch later came to use for his brewery.

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How Glen Wakeman helps entrepreneurs through Launchpad Holdings

Glen R. Wakeman is an investor, executive mentor, small business owner, board member and a highly successful Financial Services Executive. Currently, he is the Founder of Launchpad Holdings. The company has a fully automated software service used to help future entrepreneurs put up their business plan. It’s referred to as Launchpad Toolkit and if equipped with a full library of tips and guidance on how upcoming entrepreneurs can undergo their businesses. It also has a network of capital providers and advisors where the entrepreneurs can seek advice.

The service takes about thirty minutes to have the idea put into a viable plan and cost $100. Glen Wakeman points out that he was approached by many people who had business plans which never worked out and that is how he came up with the idea of founding Launchpad Holdings. The reason why he formed the company is to help those future entrepreneurs overcome failure but at a fee. Glen Wakeman adds that once he resolves the problem of a customer he feels accomplished.

On top of that Glen Wakeman has a robust five key strategy that will help any entrepreneur in business management. It’s a proven methodology he has used in his more than 21 years’ experience in management. The five points are; Governance(it involves constructive dissent); Risk Management(it’s a guide on how to minimize disruptions); Human Capital(it involves the application of strategic tactics and aligning vision); Leadership(it’s preparing the company for positive change). Glen Wakeman has applied those five points in all over 30 countries he has been responsible for operations.

Glen Wakeman is also a writer, and his blog posts contain insightful content which has inspired many business practitioners and entrepreneurs to prosper in business. His topic of concern is management and administration, strategy, emerging markets, international fiscal matters among other business-related topics. Due to his experience of working in many countries, he is followed by many people especially in LinkedIn to grasp something from his motivational postings. Glen Wakeman is Six Sigma Belt certified and a graduate of Chicago University with MBA and a BS in Economics and Finance from Scranton University.

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How Dr. Avi Weisfogel Manages His New Practice

Sleep science is a field not talked about much, but as technology increases demands in the workforce and more people are working longer hours and not getting nearly the amount of sleep they need. And that’s why Dr. Avi Weisfogel is working in the field to help people understand what they need to do to get that rest. Weisfogel specifically studies sleep apnea and how other health problems relate to it. But he also studies how treating parts of the mouth and using appliances can help, and he knows about the mouth from having spent 15 years in dentistry.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel publishes his research and dental sleep tips through his current company Dental Sleep Masters. From early morning till evening, Weisfogel manages quite an agenda, according to Ideamensch. From meeting with his life coach, reading up on sleep aid technology, meeting with clients, scheduling seminars and everything else in between, Weisfogel does it all. But his schedule wasn’t always this way.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel entered dentistry back in 1999 after completing his bachelor’s degrees in biology and psychology at Rutgers University, and then getting his DDS from the college of dentistry at NYU. His clinic at Old Bridge Dental Care had a great reputation for being well-run and exhibiting good customer service. Dr. Weisfogel even was given the best dentist award for that region several times, yet he felt he wasn’t in the right profession at the time.

Dr. Weisfogel began exploring sleep science around 2005 and by 2012 had started consulting with sleep doctors and sharing the information through Healthy Heart Sleep. In 2014 he officially opened the doors of Dental Sleep Masters and hasn’t looked back since. Weisfogel does spend some spare time working with charities including the world-renowned Operation Smile that he’s started fundraisers for at GoFundMe.

The Significant History of the Waiakea Water

Waiakea is a water company that produces clean drinking water for the people. The water originates from a natural source–the Mauna Loa Volcano–which makes it pure and exceptional from other water companies. Following the origin of the Waiakea water, the water is considered to be rich in minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium and much more. It is also believed to have electrolytes. Waiakea water is alkaline, which increases the bone density and the hydration status of an individual. The Waiakea Company stresses the positive effects of the water to the humankind.

Moreover, it is the first water company to bug an award for Carbon Neutral Certification for both water and beverages which have resulted in the elevation of the status of the company and much more. The Waiakea water company mainly focuses on the conservation of the environment. It is because the society views the environment to have a significant impact on the daily life of a person. It also ensures its protection because it is the primary provider of water to not only the company but generally for the people. Waiakea Company, however, works with the community for empowerment and establishment of quality life. For instance the company partners with an organization, known as Pump Aid, which helps disadvantaged people to be able to access clean water and the necessary basic needs.

The activities of the company have however prompted the Waiakea Water Company to be among the organizations that grow fast over the years. It has also resulted in the global recognition of the company and generation of profits for the company. Following the excellent management of the Waiakea water company, the firm stores its water into recyclable bottles that are environmentally friendly. The recyclable containers use less energy to produce and have also reduced carbon discharges. These have however given rise to the company and to be labeled as the greenest producer of bottled water without reservations. Following the significant achievements and the excellent management of the firm, Waiakea waters have also won several awards and received positive responses from different associations and the people.